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Welcome back to Day 766 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Let’s get to the crazy, but first a trip in the Wayback Machine to the long ago days of last month:

1/8 – Sick Year (Video)

This 40 minute movie made by Free the People follows several families dealing with school aged children during The Fauci Flu pandemic

2/17 – Mother Denied Heart Transplant Due to Vaccination Status, Doctor Says He ‘Stands By the Rules’: Report

When the day of COVID reckoning arrives, things will not be pretty

2/18 – Major Publisher Rewrites Classic Children’s Books To Appease Leftist “Sensitivity”

Orwellian tyrants. Part I

2/18 – Critically Thinking About an NPR Hit Piece

Our taxpayer dollars hard at work!

2/19 – Leftist Group Rocked by Revelation That Its ‘Queer, Muslim, Multiethnic’ Equity Chief Is Really A White Lady

Normally, I hate it when something so stupid happens that you wish it was a babylon Bee headline. This time I a was so glad to se that it wasn’t.

2/19 – Spain decriminalizes sexual relations with animals as long as there is no physical injury that requires a veterinary visit

Remember that lie about “All we want is to get married”? I thin we’re near the bottom of that slippery slope

2/20 – British Taxpayer-Funded Anti-Extremist Study Finds Shakespeare, Orwell, Tolkien “Key Texts” For “White Supremacists”

Orwellian tyrants. Part II

2/20 – Raging With The Machine

Funny how the rock stars who our parents hated have now become more uncool than our parents were back in the day

2/21 – NYT Journalist Cried Because ‘None of His Friends Wanted To Talk to Him’ After Tom Cotton Op-Ed Scandal


2/21 – Podcaster Says What Many of Us Think in Magnificent Rant Against Biden’s Ukraine Adventure

Perfectly said from the perspective of a Gen-X Normal


SOme good news for a change. As Ace said, you can afford garbage at your company in a Trump economy, but not in a Biden* economy

2/23 – Gavin Newsom makes California the human-trafficking capital of America

Someone has to replace all of the Normals who are fleeing

2/24 – Jewish Democratic Council of America Attacks Israeli Government

Jewish memebers of teh National Socialist Workers’ Party?

Have a great weekend!

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