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Welcome back to Day 759 of America held hostage by the BIden* regime! On to the crazy:

2/10 – ICYMI: Biden Just Admitted He’s Responsible For Today’s Energy Crisis

I guess that his dementia can be a double edged sword

2/11 – Matt Walsh vs. Tennessee’s Democrats Is an Eye-Opener

Walsh absolutely eviscerates these creeps

2/11 – Where did the ’97 Percent’ Claim Come From?

Bookmark this one for the next time some Climastrology cult member tries dropping that bogus 97 percent number

2/12 – Daily Show co-creator rips ‘f**king sh*tty’ viewers after SB ad dubs Gutfeld ‘king of late night comedy’

LOL, cry harder Snowflake

2/13 – Microsoft’s Big Game

Video games are hardly the most pressing issue we’re facing, but it is part of teh overall cultural vandalism that The Radical Left enjoys, and it shows Microsoft becoming more powerful

2/13 – ‘He Gets Us’ Ad Reactions Prove Changing The Gospel Doesn’t Change Hearts

OK, I thought it was just me. I didn’t like the first ad I saw when it droppped the “Jesus was an immigrant” line, and I haven’t been able to articulte why I don’t like any of their other ads, either. This article nails it.

2/14 – Our Little Barbarians

Yeah, it’s not the awful kids; it’s the awful parents. The video is tough to watch, especially when the kid finally gets thrown down and starts shrieking as if he’d never been hit before. From watching his behavior, the kid can expect many more beatings from his peers over the next few years.

2/14 – Abolish the IRS: A Massive System Beyond Repair

I agree with the concept, but none of the solutions are politically feasable. I’d rather see a more practical approach like The Neutral Tax. Yes, it’s been ten years since I wrote on the topic.

Then again, it takes time to move the overton window. It took only twenty years to get from “All we want is to get married” to where a bunch of psychos think that mutilating kids and normalizing child rape makes them the good guys. So let’s get things started – abolish the IRS!

2/15 – VIDEO: White Boy ‘Strangled’ by Black Girl on School Bus in Virginia

This is another one of those stories that the legacy media will furiously ignore for lack of fitting THE NARRATIVE

2/16 – Restoring Marriage

Not to diminish the importance of this issue, but it’s not one of my hight priorities. But I support it for one simple reason – every ounce of energy that the Gaystapo is spending defending gay marriage is an ounce not being spent on trying to mutilate kids and normalizing child rape.

2/17 – ‘Biting the hand that fed them’: Retired army major general blasts China for ‘spying, cheating, stealing’ against the West

For the second week in a row I’m using Sky News Australia as my Friday post for two reasons: 1) The time zone difference gives me a usable Friday post and I can finish editing on Thursday instead of Friday morning, and 2) Just like when a week ago and they broke the Balloon Story, they are once again ahead of the curve on a big topic.

ICYMI – I dropped two posts regarding the Super Bowl, one on the day of with A Glimmer fo Hope for the Woke NFL (and yes, I know I had a misspelling in the title – I was in a rush to get it published before some plans I had that day. The nest day I gave the devil his due with Thank you NFL, for Delivering the Perfect Roger Goodell Super Bowl.

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