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A catastrophe has befallen the town of East Palestine Ohio. A freight train containing a load of toxic chemicals was derailed in the town, spilling vinyl chloride and phosgene, which you might recognize as being very similar to mustard gas. It is a major environmental disaster. Because of the possibility of the chemicals exploding officials decided to burn them in place, which resulted in toxic smoke.

Three other chemicals have been identified on the train.  Residents have been told that it is safe to return home but toxic chemicals are killing animals and fish in the town and have been identified in the water in West Virginia. A reporter trying to cover the derailment was detained.

This is a terrible thing and once again it raises the question- where was the  Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg? When Buttigieg finally showed up, his response to the crisis was asserting that too many white people are working in transportation. He didn’t even mention the train derailment.

He also managed to make a joke about balloons.

Pete Buttigieg is the little Secretary who couldn’t. He is utterly incompetent in his job, which seems to be one of stoking racial fires instead of focusing on real issues. This is result of Biden choosing people on the basis of identity politics instead of skills and ability.

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