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Even though I had no interest in watching The Super Bowl, the decade of my rabid Philadelphia Eagles fandom rubbed off onto Sister Babe, and she has become a serious Eagles fan. So when the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, she decided that we were going to have a mini Super Bowl party, inviting over a family with whome we spend a lot of time, anyway. I pulled down from the attic the massive plastic bin that contained my old Eagles jerseys, t-shirts, and other swag that we used to decorate our living room.

I was fortunate enough to miss the pregame Wokeymon, as the Navy switched out its flyover squad to have an all female team. And I was grilling dinner when the league repeated its divisive gesture that was what put me over the top to leave the league behind, singing “The Black National Anthem” before the game. Since Little Bob’s buddy had been wanting to play some Super Tecmo Bowl with me for a while, I figured this would be a good time to do it. So down in the basemwnt, where we have what I’ve dubbed The Great Wall of Gaming, I set up the game on the main TV, put the PS3 in Demo Mode with Madden 12, and where I usually have the various gaming systems going on the other TVs, I decided this was a good day to go down memory lane and stream on YouTube three great Eagles games from happier times – the 2018 NFC Championship game vs. the Vikings, the Super Bowl that followed, and the 1980 NFC Championship game against Dallas.

Yep, that’s my basement. I think as a Gen-Xer I’m living my adolescent dream of owning my own video arcade. I pretty much ignored the halftime garbage, featuring the crazy woke Rihanna. I heard she did something gross, but whatever. I do miss the 90s, when MTV would have actual entertainment, like Beavis & Butthead’s Butt Bowl, or Celebrity Death Match. But this pic was taken later in the evening for this post, as we did our gaming during the first half and called a lid at halftime since the kids had school the next day. And if you’re wondering about what we have on The Great Wall, you can zoom in to that legend next to the upper left corner of the main TV. Each TV is named, and it and its peripherals share color coded stickers. Sister Babe makes fun of me for keeping junk that may be useful down the road, but if you look between the bottom two TVs there’s a flatware caddy from an old dishwasher, perfect for housing the many remotes! But I digress. So what made this game perfectly Goodell?

Aside from continuing to p*ss off us Normals with his various woke politics, apparently under Goodell’s instruction there have been a lot more penalties called during the games this past season. And a lot of these penalties have been of the ticky tack variety, meaning that the infraction had zero influence on how the play executed. And how did this great game end? With the Eagles getting flagged on one of these garbage calls. I won’t go into details, but even without the call there is a better than average chance that the Chiefs would have won anyway. But seeing a great game end with one team getting screwed on a garbage call? That is perfect Roger Goodell. If you saw my post from yesterday I noted how while the NFL is still reigning supreme in TV ratings, they are losing their future – the 18-49 demographic is tuning out the Super Bowl. From 2011 to 2021 viewership in that demographic has dropped steadily, from 52 million in 2011 down to 34 million in 2021. If ruining games with bad officiating helps kill the game, so much the better if it accelearted Goodell’s departure and a return to just football.

And thankfully I didn’t watch ESPN’s postgame. The once great Chris Berman was forced to read off the teleprompter some dopeyness about having two black quarterbacks on Lincoln’s birthday. Luckily I found something better to focus on. After the rest of the house had quieted down I went back to the three season campaign I had running in Super Tecmo Bowl (our earlier game had been in preseason mode so as not to disrupt my season). And I got some vindication for my family birthday party that was held during Super Bowl XV and the Raiders crushed the Eagles. I still remember running to my room and crying when Jaws threw his 3rd interception to Rod Martin. But on this night, my season as the Eagles had its next game against the LA Raiders. Needless to say, I avenged my old team, which was as much as I could have hoped for. I felt badly for all of me Eagles Nation friends, but if that trash ending puts me closer to joining them again I’ll take it.

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