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Unfortunately, it won’t be any time soon. I wrote back in 2020 how the NFL urinated on my decades of Philadelphia eagles fandom and how I walked away. Last summer the NFL was kind enough to drop a few reminders of why I was right to stop caring. Even this past week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell used his State of the League press conference to push more woke garbage. So where is my reaon for hope?

Ace of Spades dropped an interesting post last month. NFL TV ratings are still reigning supreme, but long term trends are disturbing. The coveted 18-49 demographic has been slowly but very surely dropping. Goodell seem to have this notion that he’s going to gain viewers by alienating the parentsa of the next generation of fans. This spells long term doom for teh league, and I sincerely hope it turns its back on Radical Leftist politics in my lifetime.

And if it doesn’t? Meh. Nothing can take away the memories that I had, many of which went into the Top 100 Reasons the Philadelphia Eagles are the Coolest Team in pro football. Whatever you end up doing this evening, whether watching the game or boycotting, have a good one!

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