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Welcome back to Day 752 of America Held Hostage by the Biden* Regime! Shall we get to the crazy?

2/1 – Gavin Newsom’s ‘Freedom State’

Don’t dismiss this creep – he is a real possibility to become the president that the Democrats install in 2024

2/2 – Biden Admin Announces New Crackdown On Gas Stoves…

Another small but significant example of how The radical Left hates us Normals

2/3 – That Didn’t Age Well! Read The Most Clownish Takes About The Laptop Hunter Biden Admits Was His

Never let them forget, especially the Vichy Republicans


Once again, it’s never wrong to remind The Radical Left how often they are wrong

2/4 – Study Reveals: Several Chicago Neighborhoods Riskier for Young Men Than What U.S. Troops Faced in Iraq and Afghanistan… And It’s Not Just Chicago

The Radical Left is responsible, and us Normals need to do a better job of educating the public to this fact

2/5 – UK: Christian mother sues her four-year-old son’s school for forcing him to take part in LGBT Pride parade

It takes a truly sick mind to think that something like this is a good idea

2/6 – Power grid worries force Amazon to run Oregon datacenters using fuel cells

Oh the irony…

2/7 – Pictured: Biden Admin Hands Out Nonsensical ‘Black Resistance’ Flyers To BORDER PATROL Agents

Nothing shows for your staff better than handing out propaganda from a terrorist organization that has *literally* called for their elimination

2/8 – The SOTU Has Become Uncivil Or Something

I was among those who criticized Wilson 14 years ago, but today? The Radical Left is reaping what they sow. There is no reason for us Normals to have to always be the adults in the room when Left Wing Extremists keep acting like lying, petulant children

2/9 – If Reparations Are Owed … the Democratic Party Should Pay Them

Once again, someone smarter than me has beaten me to a great idea for a blog post. And it is a thorough, well written piece.

2/10 – Pro-Crime Congresswoman Assaulted in D.C. Building

I used to preface comments like this with something like, “You hate to see this happen to anyone…”, but now I’m actually happy to see this happen to someone who actively pushes the policies that lead to this as opposed to the poor idiot who just voted for them.

Have a great weekend!

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