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Welcomne back to Day 738 of America Held Hostage by the Biden* Regime! Shall we get to the crazy? First let’s jump into the Wayback Machine of two weeks ago with:

1/15 – Great Moments in Dumbf*** (Your Children Are Retarded) (Censorship mine)

A lengthy, but well written rant against Gen Z and their work habits

1/18 – LEAKED VIDEO: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Warned His Staff Not To Get the Vaccine

There aren’t enough four letter words for me to adequately comment

1/20 – Al Gore’s unhinged rant at Davos

As much as I was never a fan of Dubya and have come to really dislike his family over the years, we owe him a debt of gratitude for keeping algore out of The White House

1/20 – Adults Creepily Sexualize Minors in New Episode of HBO Max’s ‘Velma’

Short summary: Mindi Kaeling (Kelly from “The Office”) made a Scooby Doo remake so cringe that even Lefties are saying she’s a stealth Conservative who made this look like sterotypically bad woketertainment. As you might have guessed, the Normals who cover pop culture are having a field day.


Tough love

1/22 – Gen Z Doesn’t Want Crappy Jobs!

A shorter, less profane anti-Gen Z post. They really need some guidance. If they’d listen.

1/22 – Pro-Vaxx Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Admits Profusely “The Anti-Vaxxers Win”

The author still blasts Adams for good reasons. I would just offer Razorfist’s more pithy NSFW reposne


If  you’re not following Rebel News in your video feeds you need to. Based out of Canada, they went to Davos and conducted some actual journalism. Here’s where they compiled all of their work from this trip.

1/24 – White House Backs High School Classes That Teach Racial Discrimination And Animosity

Remember, these are the people who repeatedly tell us that they’re the good guys.

1/25 – Murder of Journalists Rose Nearly 50 Percent in 2022, Report Finds

I’d take this post more seriously if there were some mention of Andy Ngo or Project Veritas.

1/26 – Steven Crowder versus Big Conservative Media?

Crowder has blown the lid off of Big Conservatism. This differs from the Vichy Republicans, in that I believe Boering, Shapiro, etc. are actually on our side, but a trait they share in common is that ultimately money talks.

1/27 – DirecTV Shuts Down Newsmax

I’m actually surprised that DirectTV even carried Newsmax in the first place. It looks like they’re drawing flak for flying over target.

Have a great weekend!

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