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Welcome back to Day 724 of America held hostage by the Biden* Regime! Onto the Leftist crazy:

1/5 – Using Hair Oil Is Racist Now.

Becasue what isn’t?

1/6 – Appalling! Capitol Police Arrest Ashli Babbitt’s Mom for Jaywalking on Anniversary of Her Daughter’s Death

I was looking for an underreported angle on the 2nd aniiversary of the 1/6 Reichstag Fire. And sadly, the US Capitol Police came through.

1/7 – My theory about the 50 year seal placed on the J6 material

In other words, “never”

1/8 – White House Pressured Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson on COVID-19

There was a time that this would have been a huge outrage. Now it just sounds like a day ending in a “Y”

1/9 – Fight ‘Zuckbucks’ with Laws, Not Lawsuits

THIS ^^^ We Normals have to take the offenseive rather than react. The Radical Left certainly gets it.

1/10 – Take It From A Teacher: There’s Only One Fix To Massive Learning Loss

In other news, The Educracy is trying to lie that they never wanted to lock down our kids.

1/11 – America, Tear Down This Flag

The BLM flag, too – am I the only one who sees a problem with the Communist Red Fist flying over our govt. buildings?

1/11 – Leftist Activists in France Requisition House Belonging to Elderly Couple to House Refugees

Pay attention to stories like this – you know that our politicians are eyeing how to import policies like this to the US

1/12 – I’m Not Qualified

As someone with a kid in the school system, posts like this remind me that as parents we can’t take any time off

1/13 – Biden’s Multiple Classified Doc Locations are a National Security Crisis

It would be nice if President Sponge Brain Crapped Pants* actually remember where he left all of his classified documents. Or what day it is. Or what his name is…

Have a great weekend!

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