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Welcome back to Day 717 of America Held Hostage by the Biden* regime, and our first full post of teh new year! I hope that everyone had a healthy and happy holiday season, so let’s see what insanity our Lefty pals are bringing to the new year!

12/28 – Germany’s ZDF Public Television Suggests Bathing Once A Week Would Be Beneficial

Among our more extreme Lefties wouldn’t showring once per week be an increase in water consumption?

12/29 – Will China Reinfect The World? Will Biden React Correctly This Time?

We’re all waiting for the long awaited sequel of Fauci Flu II: Electrc Bugaloo

12/30 – Joe Biden Cheers Historic Year: Record Crime, Record Inflation, Record Illegal Immigration, Record Gas Prices, Worst Stock/Bond/Equity Losses Since 1871

The sad part is that there is not a single Democrat that won’t swallow the Buden* talking points hook, line & sinker

12/31 – While Taliban Beat Women, Secretary Blinken Releases Playlist

Am I the only one reminded of ESPN’s annual sloggering over Obama filling out his NCAA brackets?

12/31 – Democrats May Regret Releasing Trump’s Taxes

Meh. As if we can count on Republicans to do anything meaningful. I can’t wait for those sharply worded talkings to from Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz! And nothing else

1/1 – BBC Lying About Happisburgh Erosion

Climastrologists lying? I am shocked! Shocked!

1/2 – We Must Convince People That The Fascist Far Left Wants To Destroy The US

Meh. We scream it from the rooftops, and they make no effort to hide it. I’m not sure what else we can do.

1/3 – The Battle of Princeton, 1777

On a more positive note, here is an excellent American Revolution story that even I didn’t know!

1/4 – Houellebecq in Trouble For Saying French Want Muslim Migrants to “Stop Stealing From Them and Attacking Them”

Yep, pointing out crime is far more of an outrage than the crimes themselves.

1/5 – America Would Be A Better Place If We Taught The Truth About Slavery

And if we taught the truth on every issue the Democrats would no longer exist

1/6 – I confess: I suspected the Idaho murders criminal investigation was being botched. Instead, it was using chilling surveillance tools

The title says it all

Have a great weekend!

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