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This won’t take long.

You may have noticed that I really don’t like Joe Biden. I may even have written about what a dirtbag he is. He is a plagiarist, a liar and a pervert. He took “inappropriate” showers with his daughter. He fondles little girls. He raised a perverted corrupt child and then he lectures us about how we should raise our children. On top of all that, he is galactically mendacious. Worse, he makes it so easy to prove. The Twitter files revealed that the Biden campaign routinely demanded that certain tweets and people making those tweets be censored and Twitter “handled” it. Let’s have a quick look at how the Biden regime responded

And there’s John Kirby

We need not do anything other than hark back to Jen Psaki

The ability of the Biden regime to lie in the face of facts like this is mind-boggling. Nothing they say can be regarded as true. Nothing. And it is highly disturbing that John Kirby was once an Admiral. Last year the NY Post said:

It would be bad enough if Biden only told personal tall tales. But his reality distortion field now extends to national policy. He routinely insists “all the economists” back his plans, writes off inflation as a temporary spike, insists the border surge is just “seasonal,” even calls his disastrous Afghan bugout a “success” (while falsely claiming his generals didn’t object).

Truth just doesn’t matter: He’ll say whatever he likes to get past the moment. He got away with it for most of his life because nobody bothers to fact-check a Delaware senator.

Now he’s president, and his lies are going to hurt us all.

Joe Biden is a national security risk. A big one. The country is in jeopardy.

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