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Welcome back to Day 689 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Let’s get to the crazy:

12/2 – What Can We Do To Counter the Power of Billionaire Philanthropaths?

For as much as I read Ace, for some reason I rarely link. This edition of their daily Morning Rant shines light on a subject that really needs more attention.

12/3 – What If MAGA Shrugged?

I keep saying this, especially for producers who being directly impacted by politicians. Right now it’s PA’s oil industry and Dutch farmers: It’s time to go Master Blaster.

12/3 – The 1980s on Trial

This post is a lot longer than most of my links, and worth every minute it took to read. As a Gen-Xer who’s now raising a kid, this struck really close to home.

12/4 – How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?

Not as long as the last post, but still relatively long. But it’s VDH, so you’re going to click the link to a thoroughly documented and well deserved beatdown

12/5 – Virginia sandwich shop gets raided by cops, shut down for defying Covid orders two years ago

Local businesses and non corrupt LEOs need to band together and ostracize everyone responsible for this.

12/6 – The FBI writes case for its own abolition

We still need an FBI, just not what the current Corruptacracy has become

12/7 – Pompeo Names Teachers’ Union Boss ‘Most Dangerous Person in America’

I thought that the headline was a bit over the top, but when I read the post Pompeo makes a great case.

12/8 – Just How Stupid Are Sen. Thom Tillis and the Rest of the Republican Establishment?

While I agree with Kurt Schlichter’s Real Talk toward the end of the post, the first part of this post ignores Brother Bob’s Razor: Never attribute to political incompetence or stupidity that which can be explained by pure malevolence.

12/9 – After Brittney Griner swapped for Russian arms dealer, message sent is that woke politics has its perks

Lots of wrong messages sent with this one

No TWIRL next week, as there will be some short R&R in Bobville to coincide with Little Bob’s WInter Break. I’m so old I remember when it was Christmas Break. I should be able to get a short post up for you for next week.

Have a great weekend!

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