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Welcome back to Day 682 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Another week, more crazy. Let’s get to it!

11/25 – Now Teachers Unions Are Against Lockdowns

Expect more of this revisionist history (Republicans wanted to defund the police, etc). Do not let them get away with this.

11/26 – Abraham Lincoln Statue Vandalized With ‘Colonizer’ and ‘Land Back’ in Chicago During Thanksgiving Weekend

You didn’t this this was going away with the summer of BLAmtifa riots ended, did you?

11/27 – Trudeau cabinet discussed ‘crushing Freedom Convoy with tanks’

Even more offensive is knowing that nothing like this would have ever happened during the BLAmtifa riots

11/28 – A Montana ‘mountain man’ goes to court to protect his property rights

And The Radical Left wonders why we Normals don’t share their blind faith in government


I’ve been thinking this for a while when I hear about China buying up US property. I actually remember the same fears about Japan 30 years ago & how it ended.

11/30 – Do Conservative Lawyers Know What Time it Is?

I’ve been asking this for a while now

12/1 – GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

It’s about time. And more of this, please

12/2 – Senate Dem Demanded IRS Revoke Conservative Group’s Tax Status for Not Masking

And on the flip side of the coin is the party of tyranny

Have a great weekend!

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