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Welcome back to Day 668 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Hard to believe that this is our last post before Thanksgiving. Despite a disappointing midterm, we have plenty to be thankful for. For one, we can be thankful that we’re not Leftists. Case in point:

11/9 – Seeking Light Amid the Gloom: Thoughts on the Brain-Damaged Election Results

The Other McCain hits a few angles I didn’t examine in my post election analysis


I don’t completely agree with the short analysis – the discussion in the comments is a lot better

11/11 – Gov-Elect Shapiro Plans Demise of Fracking & Pipelines

Every energy company in Pennsylvania should work together and give the voters exactly what they voted for. Freely distrubute fuel to most of the state, while Philly and Harrisburg (since it is the capitol) get the Master Blaster treatment.

11/12 – WATCH: Justice Amy Coney Barrett wryly jokes about rabid protesters at her home, lefties lose their MINDS

These nimrods are actually mad that ACB has teh audacity to joke about the terrorists who’ve harassed her family

11/12 – Report: More Than 400 Private Jets Flew In For UN Climate Conference…

Sometimes the headline says it all


We hear about how politics is downstream from culture – the opposite may be even more true

11/14 – The Anti-Adoption Drumbeat

The article makes some scary points, and that’s without a single mention of the Gaystapo’s war on adoption

11/15 – Why Climate Nihilists Target Beloved Art

Good post all around, and the last paragraph sums it all up

11/16 – Key Takeaways from the FBI Whistleblowers Report

Nothing you didn’t already know, but it becomes even more disturbing when you see it substantiated like this

11/17 – Voters Aren’t Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters

Pretty cynical, and equally on point.

11/18 – Election Fraud 2.0! O.K., So What Are You Gonna Do About It?

In short, if we don’t start taking action now then 2024 is already lost.

On that cheery note, have a great weekend! And since this may be the last time we talk before Thanksgiving, be sure to check out my post from a few years ago on Your One Stop Guide to DESTROYING your Democrat relatives at Thanksgiving! Despite being six years old now it’s aged quite well – be sure to study the answers carefully!

If we don’t talk until Friday Happy Thanksgiving!

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