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With all due respect to the great arguments that Dr. John posted, two recent stories that won’t be the driving force that sends anyone to the ballot box need to be mentioned. Neither hit you on a daily basis like getting mugged on the subway platform or at the gas pump, but both are important in regards to America’s future.

As you might have guessed from the header image, the first of the two stories is regarding the Paul Pelosi attack. If you want a quick refresher on Nancy Pelosi’s husband having an alteration his late night entertainment the other week I’ll refer you the always entertaining Kurt Schlichter. Let’s briefly recap the facts:

  • A few nights ago, a late night meeting with Paul Pelosi and a “friend” got a bit out of control
  • The police were summoned, and apparenty a third party opened the door, and with the police present Mr. Pelosi was attacked.
  • Afterward, leaders from both sides of the political aisle immediately offered thoughts and prayers for Paul Pelosi.
  • The only mildly inappropriate comment came from VA Governor Youngkin, which was of course nowhere near the magnitude of what people such as the Pelosis’ daughter said after Rand Paul was assualted by his neighbor.
  • The Radical Left (Hillary, Mr. Fang Fang, etc) immediately launched baseless attacks that this attack was somehow fueled by Normals who dared criticize how Nancy Pelosi’s policies are hurting America.
  • Many more holes in the story and unanswered questions have emerged, such as security cam footage, changed stories, NBC deleting a story containing pertinent facts, etc.
  • Even as the facts have come out, or been covered up, The Radical Left has augmented its narrative (they still haven’t backed down from the TDS angle) with, “How can you be laughing about an 80 year old man getting beaten with a hammer?!?”

As I’ve responded, we’re not laughing at the attack, rather laughing at the obnoxious, hypocritical, slanderous attempts to cover up the fact that Speaker Pelosi’s husband got beaten up in a dispute that happened with another man in over a late night tryst. So why is this important?

Incidents like this is how soulless Democrats have become, and how disgustingly enabling the legacy media has become for them. To the Leftists who ask how heartless we Normals can be to laugh at this incident, how deceitful, hate filled, and soulless does a person have to be to exploit an old man’s run in with a male hooker to change the story to slander innocent people? Then again, who here doesn’t have a family story that everyone likes to tell at family gatherings about that time that Grandpa got a beat down from the illegal alien male hooker who he tried to stiff? Yeah, me neither. And that would be nobody whose family is not named “Pelosi”. Crikey, if heaven forbid something that insane happened to any of us Normals we sure as hell wouldn’t try to use it as fodder for political slander. And the kind of people who would do this have no business in governing America.

The second story involves the Democrats having to dust off Barack Obama to gin up enthusiasm among “young” voters. He does a painful short interview for “Under the desk news” (UTDN). The tik tok video is with a somewhat male looking person who does the news from under his desk. Obama sits down on the floor next to UTDN and tells him that he needs to get out from under the desk and vote. At the end of the vid UTDN concedes that back in 2008 he followed his dad’s lead and voted for McCain but is now an Obama fan. Let’s look at how many things are wrong here:

  • For cryin’ out loud Barry, you’re a former President of the United States and you’re sitting on the floor next to some man baby for interviews? Then again, this is a man who defined “presidential” by giving an interview to a Youtuber who does videos from a milk and Fruit Loop filled bathtub.
  • The interview itself – why is Barack Obama talking to a middle aged man like he’s a 2nd grader?
  • UTDN’s gimmick – you’re an adult, dude. You can sit up at your desk like a grown up. I’ll concede that there was a time in my life when I liked hanging out under desks too. I was three years old at the time.
  • Exactly how old is this man boy? By simple estimates, let’s say he was 18 when he voted for McCain in 2008. That would make him 32 years old today. Ten of the last 14 years of your life have for all intents and purposes been under an Obama presidency, and your big life accomplishment is being a Tik Toker known for playing on the floor?

Now, I’ll grant that UTDN has 2.7M followers on Tik Tok. But while I look back at where my life was when I was 32, as miserable as I was for various reasons I would not have traded what I’d accomplished in my life to be famous for the price of being a grown man baby. And while I have no numbers to back this up and social media amplifies crazy, people like UTDN are now seen as relatively normal rather than total freaks they would have been even a decade or two ago. Is this really America’s future? A few summers ago I read The Boys in the Boat and while I never considered myself a slacker (OK, not once I entered the work world), I was put to shame as to what the young people of their era lived through. Seeing the video of UTDN makes me feel as far beyond this man baby as the Boys in the Boat were beyond me. Rush once said @ the time of the 2012 election something to the effect of. “America can survive an Obama re-election. America can not survive a country that would re-elect Obama.” We have survived, but I’m worried about taking this to it’s logical extension – can America survive a generation or two raised under Obama’s teachings by his disciples?

I can’t say I was the most mature person when I was UTDN’s age, but at least in my adult life I had some sense of purpose to work to accomplish something in my life and hopefully find that right woman and have a family. What kind of future to people like UTDN strive for? That’s a question whose answer I don’t know and genuinely scares me.

Now, I have no delusions that voting out one of seven radicals on the local school board or flipping a state legislature away from The Radical Left is going to save America. But you have to start somewhere, and showing that the ranks of us Normals are growing and that we reject their extremism is one of many steps that need to be taken if there is to be any hope.

If this post doesn’t put a chill down your spine and the will to crawl across broken glass to vote Republican (or at least against Democrats) I don’t know what will.

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