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A democrat strategist got it right when she said

‘We Did Not Listen to Voters’

“I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy,” Rosen said. “I just think we did not listen to voters in this election and I think we’re going to have a bad night.”


She added, “when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them! Stop talking about democracy being at stake! Democracy is at stake because people are fighting so much about what elections mean. Voters have told us what they wanted to hear. I don’t think Democrats have delivered this cycle.”

Hopefully America has learned its lesson. democrats don’t listen. They don’t listen because they don’t care. They don’t give a damn about the concerns of the little people. The peons are there to serve them, not the other way around. Nancy Pelosi has her $20,000 Subzero fridge and her $13 Jenni’s ice cream and you don’t. Too bad. They have an agenda to stick up your backside. They’re going to treat criminals like royalty. They’re going to give your kids two choices- become a drag queen or transgender. They want all your children to sexually active and sexually competent by the age of 5 and would stock all school libraries with the materials necessary. Is your food expensive? Just eat cans of Chef Boyardee!

I don’t think anything really quite captured it all as Kathy Hochul, the unelected Governor of New York. She is the poster girl for this monumental elitism. NYC Subway crime is up 44% with subway murders at the highest number in 25 years.  Major crime in NYC is up 36% this year.

Hochul just waves this away. “I don’t know why that’s so important to you,” she says.  It’s a GOP conspiracy!

“These are master manipulators. They have this conspiracy going all across America trying to convince people in Democratic states that they’re not as safe. Well guess what? They’re also not only election deniers, they’re data deniers.”

These fears are really based on nothing more than “human emotion”

“I deal with two things here: I deal with real facts and I deal with people’s fear, and I address both. The crime related to guns is going down… We’re seeing progress there, but human emotion is different. I understand that.”

If New York can’t see its way to rid itself of this pompous asshat it deserves what’s happening.

This denial of reality comes from the top down. Biden is in denial about the condition of the country and never stops lying. He took a shot at Lee Zeldin yesterday.

“If a politician won’t stand up to his party’s leaders to keep cops on the beat and won’t stand up to the NRA and get assault weapons off the street, do you really think he’s going to take and help your families keep safe?”

But as I said, Biden is the biggest freaking liar on the planet. As a reminder.  Here’s 7 minutes of democrats calling to defund the police.

Biden is a damned liar. He always has been a damned liar. I’m pretty sure I wrote this once before but it’s still true. As a member of Congress and as VP, Biden had cover for his incessant lying. As President he lost all of that. He is exposed for the lout he is. He has been exposed as a pervert. He’s not a nice person. He’s not a decent person.

Biden is a dirtbag and is the head of a dirtbag party.  It’s gotten so bad that CNN has had to face facts. Here is their list of recent Biden prevarications.

When you’re a democrat and you lose CNN, it’s time to get to the retirement home. It would do the country well for all democrats to do the same.

As I said, democrats didn’t listen because they don’t care. They take their base for granted as a means of enabling their efforts to erode the underpinnings of what makes this country great. They teach our kids not to love this country, but to hate it.

Crush them tomorrow. For the love of all that matters, crush them.

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