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Welcome back to Day 654 of America held hostage under the Biden* Regime! Let’s get to the crazy!

10/24 – J6 Prosecutors Redouble Retaliation and Revenge

The list of 1/6 Reichstag Fire vicitms is only growing. When teh time comes, The Radical Left will need to be held accountable for their crimes.

10/28 – GAMETIME! OK Republicans – start flying those American Flags if you want to win!! (and spread the word)

Want one simple trick you can use to help remove The Radicals from power? Of course you do!

10/28 – “Thank You, and Goodbye”

Complete aside, but with all of the bad news out there it makes for a good palate cleanser. Nobody younger than Gen X will appreciate David Letterman recounting his farewell interview with Warren Zevon before his death is a powerful read. “You’re reminded to enjoy every sandwich.”

10/29 – Fear is the mind-killer

I’m not feeling as cahritable toward Ms. Miller as the author is – “asking” is just one step away from demanding.

10/30 – New Military Recruitment Ad Targets Middle America as Recruitment Suffers in New Era Where Trans Soldiers are Celebrated While Christian Soldiers Are Persecuted

The reactions are dead on. As much as what’s happening to our military disgusts me, knowing that there’s a better than average chance hat me and the rest of the Normals in America will be their next target it takes some of the sting away.

10/31 – Talking To Cogs . . . and Mistaking Them for People

A fun, lighter read about pushing back against various machines

11/1 – The Midterm Election Rigging is Underway

Glad to see that the GOP learned from 2020 and has been working tirelessly to ensure that it never happens again

11/2 – You’d Better Be Prepared for the Perfect Transportation Storm

I miss the days when hoarders and preppers were the crazy ones and not the smart ones. As I explain to Little Bob why I’m stocking up on a lot of things: “I’m not doing this becasue I’m afraid something bad might happen. I’m doing these so we don’t have to be afraid if something does.”

11/3 – MSNBC Meltdown: “Our Children Will Be Arrested & Conceivably Killed” If The GOP Wins Midterm Elections

I remember back in the 90s Rush opining that the modern Democrats should offically adopt as their slogan a take on FDR’s most famous like – “The only thing we have to offer is… FEAR ITSELF!”

11/4 – The Left Were the Mad Scientists

A short and always excellent piece by the great VDH

ICYMI – I weighed in on Patterns of Force – Biden’s* John Gill Speech that Everyone’s Forgotten

Have a great weekend!

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