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Biden* has made the news with some, ah, colorful speeches lately. Everyone remember’s his legendary “Pedo Hitler” speech in Independence Hall in Philly back in September. And now, in the spirit of being the unifying stateseman that he is, Biden* went on TV last night to warn America that the country is in danger if we… vote against his radical agenda that’s destroying America. But that’s not why I’m writing this post.

Easily forgotten in Biden’s* recent angry speeches along with his stumbling and stammering senior moments was a pre-recorded speech he gave back in July. But first, let’s explain the title of this post.

Fans of the original Star Trek will remember the classic episode “Patterns of Force”. The crew of the Enterprise is seeking the absent cultural observer, John Gill. They find him on a planet that’s been transformed into… Nazi Germany. Apologies for invoking Godwin’s Law here, but believe it or not I’m not comparing Sundown Joe* to Hitler, nor his regime to the National Socialist Workers’ Party. OK, the comparison wouldn’t be completely off base, but like I said, that’s not what this post is about.

In Patterns of Force, (spoliers ahead, but the episode is over 50 years old if you haven’t watched yet) Kirk & the gang catch up with Gill, and learn that the planet was suffering from severe poverty and he hoped that he could replicate how the Germans turned their economy around minus the mass murder. Of course, events didn’t turn out that way, but the significant part is Gill’s condition when they find him. Seen on the TV screen, Gill seems… odd. The microphone is positioned in front of his mouth so the viewer can’t see his lips move. Gills speech patterns are off. And when Kirk and the gang finally get back stage to meet the government’s figurehead, it’s also apparent that he’s in bad physical shape and has been drugged to get through his speeches.

The prerecorded speech that Grandpa Badfinger* gave was badly edited, and his pupils looked like he was on some major drugs to get him through. The link contains a pair of Tweets with the video in question. It’s just plain creepy. And that brings us to where we are today. The Radical Left spent the last two years gaslighting us Normals that a dementia patient who campaigned out of his basement got more votes than Barack Obama. Now it’s almost impossible for the Democrats’ court eunuchs’ in the legacy media to cover for the president. And when the day comes that Joe* finally has a severe public breakdown we won’t let them lie and tell us that they always knew he had health problems and was dumb even before the dementia. Their efforts to reverse their positions on Covid lockdowns, defunding the police, etc. are failing, and so will this.

Minor programming note: The latest Week in Radical Leftism is locked and loaded, and will publish either on Friday night or Saturday morning to give this post some time to breathe – BB

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