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Exciting news this week!  General Petraeus (former commander in Afghanistan 2010 and 2011), during an interview in France, stated that a “multinational force” led by the U.S. may intervene in Ukraine.” Apparently, Biden already authorized the deployment of approximately 4,700 U.S. troops with the 101st Airborne Division near the Ukraine border in Romania.  According to the division’s Deputy Commander, Brigadier General John Lubas, “Yeah, this is not a training deployment, this is a combat deployment for us. We understand that we need to be ready to fight tonight depending how the situation escalates across the border.”  That sounds like a well thought out plan-sort of like Viet Nam (FUBAR I) and Afghanistan (FUBAR II). What could possibly go wrong?

An ancient philosopher, Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War and said, “That the greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”  He also believed that “war is to be avoided as much and as long as possible because of the potential for catastrophic loss.”  Sounds like a smart dude.

Unfortunately, it is very plausible that our mumbling, bumbling (not so smart) Commander in Chief has never heard of Sun Tzu, desires war and couldn’t care less about catastrophic loss of life.  Biden may accidentally or on purpose, “let slip the dogs of war” and start WWIII.

WWIII will be similar to WWII…until some moron comes up with the brilliant strategy of using tactical nukes on the battle field. That is a game changer and could quickly escalate the war and totally destroy most of the planet.  Bummer.  I really like this planet.

Now, global nuclear war does have a down side, but some lucky individuals will survive and still have to pay their cable bill.

While attending a Catholic grade school during the Cuban missile crisis, The Sisters of Holy Child of Jesus taught us to avoid the devastating effects of a nuclear blast.  Those nuns were a tough bunch and a nuclear blast would never, ever deter their God given mission to educate the crap out of us kids.  Sisters directed us to hide under our desks until the initial blast had passed and then to resume our studies (they weren’t big fans of slacking off).  Recently, I purchased a bunch of those classroom desks for my home and now my family will be safe from any and all nuclear blasts.

Another lucky individual who will survive the nuclear missiles vaporizing our cities is our beloved leader-President Joe Robinette Biden.  The Secret Service will insure that Joe is safely aboard Air Force One, eating an ice cream cone, asking when the train is getting to the station and why Kamala was left behind.  Joe’s face will light with childish delight as he flies a mile above the fray, watching mushroom clouds magically appear over Washington DC, New York and Chicago-just like the 4th of July!

Biden’s last official act will include a broadcast to terrified Americans across the land:

My fellow Americans.  It’s not as bad as it looks-especially from up here and that’s a fact Jack. Things will be fine and in five or ten years the sun will come out again, tomorrow and tomorrow we will Build Back Better because yesterday really sucked.  Never forget…..that Donald Trump and all of those stupid patriots started WWIII.  

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