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Welcome back everybody! Let’s get straight to the crazy:

10/5 – Deleted Twitter Thread on some Insanely Wealthy “Jounalists”

Originally I was going to post this as part of the tweets at the end of last week’s post, but noticed the tweet had disappeared. God Bless Archive for preserving this.

10/6 – 60% of Third Grade Schoolkids Can’t Read, But the Democrats are Cramming Pedo/Trans/Porn Down Their Throats

There is nothing I can add to that headline

10/7 – ‘It Was Terrifying’: Pro-Life Activist’s Wife Shares How FBI Agents, Guns Drawn, Arrested Her Husband In Front Of Kids

We need to keep reporting the newest deportees to The Garland Archipelago. Someone also raised a good point, “What about all of the FBI kidnapping victims who lived alone or weren’t able to record ro report what had happened?

10/8 – This Teacher Wonders How To Talk To Students About Her Polyamory. The Answer Is–You Don’t.

I would also suggest resigning first.

10/8 – Why the left went after sports

I’ve been saying this for a while, and it’s they same reason they’ve destroyed so many beloved entertainment franchises.

10/9 – Bombshell: COVID Likely Began by May 2019 & Was Weaponized

I sincerely hope that in January 2025 one of President DeSantis’ first actions is an immediate investigation of the Fauci Flu

10/10 – Bombshell Documents Expose Deep State’s Involvement With Media in the Biggest Propaganda Campaign in History

We all saw this happen in real time, but the extent to the amount of planning behind it is just disturbing.

10/11 – How the Dems Built a Non-Profit Local Fake News Machine

You’ve probably already read about the “what” of this story, but when you read the “how” it will make your blood boil.

10/12 – Blood for Solar Panels: Politico Honors Vladimir Putin as Climate Influencer of the Year

It’s equally comforting and disturbing how comfortable The Radical Left has become with letting their masks drop.

10/13 – Texas Democrats blaming DC elites

Hey, we Normals have to deal with the Vichy Republicans running our side, now it’s up to any remaining sane Democrats to purge their freaks.

10/14 – Videos: Biden Economic Advisors Continue To Gaslight Amid Disastrous Inflation Data

In all fairness, it’s not like they have anything remotely constructive or intelligent to offer.

Have a great week!

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