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Katie Hobbs is the democrat candidate for Governor of Arizona. She says she wants no limits on when women can have an abortion, right up to birth.

The Democrat running for governor in Arizona next month said that she doesn’t support any limitations on abortion after Republicans proposed a nationwide ban after 15 weeks.

Arizona is one of the 13 with trigger laws, which effectively banned abortion in June when the Supreme Court overturned the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade.

An 1864 Arizona law is behind upheld and went into effect on September 24 that bans all abortions except for in the case where the mother’s health and life is put at risk by carrying the pregnancy to term.

But why stop there? Why not give democrats what they really want- the freedom for mothers to euthanize children whenever they choose. An internet search for “mother kills her children” yields 686,000,000 hits. This is obviously a popular thing with liberals. In April of this year Odette Lysse Joassaint was charged with the murder of her two children. She called 911 and said “Come get them, I don’t want them anymore”.

In May of this year in Los Angeles, Angela Flores was charged with killing three of her seven children. Clearly, these are not isolated events. This phenomenon, like most cultural aberrations, is largely the domain of white liberals, especially white liberal women- the same women who cannot even define “woman.”

democrats routinely lie about what the limits Republicans seek on abortion. They lie about what Americans think as well. A Harvard-CAPS poll found that 72% of Americans oppose abortion after 15 weeks.

democrats are always bitching about a loss of democracy. The Supreme Court democratized abortion, giving each state the power to decide what to do with abortion, which is how it should have been in the first place. That’s democracy.

I am no absolutist when it comes to abortion. I do favor exemptions for rape and incest, which is in most, if not all GOP proposals. Additionally, I think abortion should be drawn to a stop at the point of brain activity with exceptions for fetuses so impaired that they could not be expected to survive after birth.

Late term abortion is abhorrent. There is simply no difference between a baby one day before birth and the day of birth. The child is no less viable and terminating its life at that point is murder. Viability outside the womb is being pushed back all the time by medical progress.

I’ve had women argue that the unborn are not alive. As a doctor I find that utterly ignorant. There are five principles which ae generally accepted as defining life:

  1. Need for energy
  2. Organization in membrane-bound cells
  3. Genetic information
  4. Ability to replicate
  5. Change over time – growth and response to stimuli

A fetus is alive. So is an embryo. That is the science. What they feel about it is irrelevant. If a fetus is NOT alive, then there is no reason to offer pre-natal care of any kind. Arguing that a baby is not a living being inside the uterus one day and is alive the next day outside the uterus is just stupid. It’s a psychological crutch meant to assuage guilt.

If you are against capital punishment but are pro-abortion you are insane.

Abortion has nothing to do with women’s health.

Pregnancy is not a disease.

Ever notice that if a woman wants a child, the life in-utero is called a baby? If it is not desired, it is called a fetus.

Abortion should not be used as birth control. Use all the contraceptives you wish. Use a morning after pill. That’s all good as far as I am concerned.

Anyone supporting abortion up to the day of birth is in my opinion not well mentally, and that includes Katie Hobbs. Any doctor terminating babies at birth are, IMO, psychopaths, no different from Dahmer or Gacey. If you can euthanize a baby on the day of its birth, there is no valid reason you should not be free to euthanize a baby the day after, the week after or the year after. That would be the ultimate in freeing women from what many liberals consider to be bondage. Planned Parenthood loves abortion as a revenue stream. It could make a lot more money opening euthanizing centers for children. That’s not really any different from what they do now.

We’re watching society be degraded day by day. Liberals are pushing to normalize mental illness and pedophilia now. Soon it will be bestiality and necrophilia. Some might find that extreme, but how extreme is it to force children to be exposed to male genitalia in drag queen shows, be subject to transgender grooming or have them to learn 57 genders in lieu of a STEM education?

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