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Welcome back, everybody! Sorry for posting a bit late today, but the last two days were a bit crazy in Bobville. Let’s get to it!

9/30 – Lizzo Twerking With Madison’s Flute Is The Antithesis Of Civilizational Excellence

Cultural vandalism isn’t the most pressing issue in our lives, but it is part of a much bigger picture. And it matters.

10/1 – Biden’s Student Loan Bailout Retreats in Face of Early Lawsuits

At least they can legally toke up now, right?

10/2 – Republicans abandon Obamacare repeal

The optimist in me would like to believe that the reason for this is that even I have to agree that there are much bigger problems we face than writing an Obamacare repeal bill that’s just going to get vetoed. Don’t worry – I’m sure that once Republicans have enough votes they’ll go back to their surrender theater and find creative ways to not repeal that monstrocity.

10/3 – The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal

I’ll admit that a few years ago I dismissed this as a conspiracy theory. Now we’re at the point where this article seems perfectly rational. Welcome to 2022!

10/4 – Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud

How about something positive for a change?

10/5 – Psaki Buries Her Knife in Biden’s Back

Well, Psaki was always promising to circle back…

10/6 – Biden: A Figurative Suicide Bomber

Not sure if I agree completely with all of the actors here and their roles, but the gist of the post is dead on

10/7 – If Anti-Nuclear Greenpeace Wants to Silence “Climate Disinformation, It Should Start by Muzzling Itself

Or almost any Leftist today, for that matter.

H/T to Kitt for the header image in this week’s post. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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