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Welcome back! Now that things have settled down we’re back into our weekly routine. And our Lefty pals have no shortage of material for us. But first, let’s jump into The Wayback Machine of three weeks ago:

8/30 – President Newsom?

Don’t write off Pelosi’s nephew – he’s an opportunist and has some strong backing. Now would be the time to start sounding the alarm.

9/9 – A Democrat Politician Is Accused Of Killing A Journalist. Reporter Blames Trump (H/T Deplorable Me)

There was a time that this should be surprising, and we are long past those times.


This has to happen. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our Lefty pals, the only way to get them to stop bad behavior is to make them take their own medicine. Remember, “Both sides need to stop!” Is just Leftspeak for “OK, we were wrong but it was cool as long as it wasn’t getting done to us”

9/11 – America Delira

Longer than our standard fare, but when it’s Victor David Hansen it’s worth your time

9/12 – Green Globalism is the Ultimate Expression of White Supremacy

Great argument against Climastrology

9/13 – Opening Boxes from 2019

Another long one of Naomi Wolf’s essays on her red pill journey. Like previous ones I’ve posted, it’s a good read.

9/13 – For the Love of God Will You Please Stop Being Stupid?

Good post, but it assumes that Republican leadership wants to win and fight for our country

9/14 – Conservatism’s Cannabis Test

This is a tough one for me. The Libertarian in me thinks that all drugs shoudl be legal and managed as we do with alcohol or tobacco. Unfortunately what I’ve observed is that every place I’ve seen that’s legalized pot ends up reeking like a hippie music festival. Show me a place that has successfully implemented a weed legalization program and I’d be open to suggestions.

9/15 – Toilet paper is back at these Hawaii bathrooms

Not the most important story, but it’s the kind of under the radar news that’s part of a much bigger picture

9/16 – Republican voters who refuse to vote hurt everyone else

While I’m completely on board with the “We’re not voting our way out of this mess” crowd, not voting is just plain stupid. As our Lefty pals like to say, “Vote early and vote often!”

Have a great week!

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