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Welcome back! After my Dave Rubin-inspired August “News Cleanse” I’m back in the saddle! So… anything interesting happen in the traditionally slowest month of the year for the news cycle? During my absence I dropped a few non-topical thought pieces (links at the end), and even gave a quicky TWIRL last week even though I wasn’t “back” yet. Anywho, the break did me well, and I’m already seeing my mind slipping back to some bad thinking as I’ve resumed following the news cycle. Of course, it probably didn’t help that my return coincided with Pedo Hitler’s Satanic Hitler speech last week. Hopefully I’ll learn from August and take short timeouts when needed, but for now back to the Leftist insanity:

9/1 – 22K Customers Locked Out Of Their Thermostats During Colorado “Energy Emergency”

The sad part is that they all signed up for this voluntarily.

9/2 – European Union: Civil Unrest And Riots This Winter Over Oil And Food Prices…

By design.

9/3 – Trump Was Right Again: Russia Shuts Gas Off for Europe…Indefinitely

Let’s let Razorfist give his short but NSFW video response

9/4 – Vancouver’s New “Electric” Fire Truck Does Everything Poorly For A Lot More Money!

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

9/5 – Covid and Climate “Science”

There seems to be a theme this week…

9/6 – The 1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones does not accept correction. Instead, she attacks every critic as a racist or race traitor.

So much for the theme. But taking on the vandals who want to rewrite history is no less important in the long run.

9/7 – Biden Admin Is Placing Vending Machines Filled With Drug Supplies in Rural Kentucky

What’s next, Molotov cocktail vending machines in Portland?

9/8 – A Lawsuit Exposes the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lies

A bit longer than the usual fare, but worth the read. It’s an inspiring story about fighting back and its importance

9/9 – The Coming Outlawing of the Republican Party

How does that Isreali saying go? “When someone says they plan to kill you, believe them.”

ICYMI – I wrote a few pieces to tide everyone over while I took my August break from current events –
Thank You NFL, for Reminding Me Why I Walked Away, along with Robert Heinlein’s Past Through Tomorrow – What We’ve Lost As Americans and Not Without my Daughter – What We’ve Lost as Americans

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