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Welcome back, everybody! So… did I miss anything? I’m actually not ending my August News Cleanse until after Labor Day weekend, but since I missed last week (for reasons I’ll explain next week when I’m fully back) I wanted to at least serve up a quickie. So let’s get to it:

8/26 – After Proclaiming The Opposite, Medical Pros Quietly Admit Mutilating Trans Kids Doesn’t Fix Depression

8/27 – Biden Won’t Say Who Exactly Will Be Paying For His Bailout For Deadbeat Students…

8/28 – Obama’s Top Economist Opposes Biden Debt Relief Plan

8/29 – “Green” Mega-Donors Funding Key Senate Battleground Races

8/30 – Texas High School Teacher Tells Students Not To Judge Pedophiles Who Abuse 5-Year-Olds

8/31 – DeSantis voices genius idea for 87,000 new IRS agents

9/1 – Christopher Rufo: The “Lurie Children’s Hospital” Has Partnered Up With Public Schools to Teach Transgenderism, Bondage, BDSM and “Kink” to Grade School Children

9/2 – Biden Fights 9/11 Victims in Court to Protect Taliban Cash

Since I’m still not completely back, i won’t be jopioning the conversation in the comments section. But I’ll be back next week – enjoy your Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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