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It’s no mistake that Biden is coming out with his student loan cancelation plan at this time- just before midterms. It’s a baldly obvious effort to cement the whiny socialist mooch vote that he already had but it comes at a great cost to everyone who either paid for their own educations or didn’t go to college.

President Biden caused an uproar Wednesday by announcing that his administration will forgive billions of dollars in federal student loan debt, potentially wiping the financial slate clean for 20 million Americans — despite Republicans and experts warning the bailout would worsen America’s tenuous economic situation.

In unveiling the plan to write off up to $20,000 in student loan debt incurred by borrowers who have received federal Pell Grants for their education and make below a certain income, along with up to $10,000 in debt for non-Pell Grant recipients, the president insisted that “an entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt.”

So how much will this really cost? Let’s ask Susan Rice

Let’s ask KJP

Let’s ask Miguel Cardona

Liberals spent this morning struggling to find a moral equivalence between student loan bailouts and COVID/PPP and natural disasters. The latter two were not choices. Fauci killed the economy with an unnecessary shutdown of the country during COVID. No one chooses to be hit with a hurricane. Student loans all come by choice as part of the secondary education scam. Now plumbers and electricians and those who did pay their debts will bail out the art history, philosophy and gender studies majors.  Sen. Fauxcahontas, may I ask you a question?

A lot of people have a problem with that

Even the Washington Post was alarmed

Eric Swalwell threatened to “torch” MTG over her PPP loan

Sounds like he’s threatening to bare his Fang Fangs

Biden hasn’t had much to say recently. There’s a reason for that. Here he says that black and Hispanic people don’t own homes

The worst part is that these are bailouts of money that went to paying Marxists

It appears that we may finally to be coming out of the campaign on the left to “pack the court” with a liberal majority. That is good news. The problem is that many on the left have turned their ire on the Constitution itself as the root of all evil in our country. In a New York Times essay, law professors Ryan D. Doerfler of Harvard and Samuel Moyn of Yale are calling for the Constitution to be “radically altered” to “reclaim America from Constitutionalism.” In order to accomplish this dubious objective, they call for shifting from the “Pack the Court” to “Pack the States.” The attack on “constitutionalism” is chilling but these professors are not the first to lash out at our Constitution as the scourge of social justice.

The New York Times column called for citizens to view the Constitution as the real enemy and to push to “radically alter the basic rules of the game.” The attack on our Constitution has become something of an article of faith for the far left in recent years.

An Obama economic adviser has called this “reckless”

“Pouring roughly half trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless. Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise ($10K of student loan relief) and breaking another (all proposals paid for) is even worse,” said Furman, “The White House fact sheet has sympathetic examples about a construction worker making $38K and a married nurse making $77,000 a year. But then why design a policy that would provide up to $40,000 to a married couple making $249,000? Why include law and business school students?”

The effect on tuitions? Well, when Biden announced a $7500 tax credit for EV’s, Ford raised the price of its electric pickup by $8500. That’s what will happen with tuitions. Biden is paying them back for their generous contributions. All with your money.

What will this all really cost? Anywhere from $300-980 billion over 10 years. Given all small print carve outs it is likely to go over a trillion dollars.

That comes to at least $4-6,000 per taxpayer. What about the effect on the deficit? No problem, says KJP

Yeah. And if you get vaccinated you won’t get COVID.

When asked if this was fair to those who paid their debts, Biden just walked away.

And just wait until you see what this does to inflation.

This brings me to something I’ve been wanting to say for some time. You will notice that the White House rolled out special people to explain this because Biden sure as hell wouldn’t be capable of fielding appropriate questions; Susan Rice and Ron Klain.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the real President. The Presidency is divided into two persons.

They are the ones running the show. They tell Biden what he’s thinking and what he should say. They also do their best to deflect the truth. Rice was part of the plot against Donald Trump. She spent many a day unmasking Americans to spy on them.

And over at DOJ Lisa Monaco is in charge, not that weak kneed Merrick Garland. Monaco is running the Jan 6 pogrom against Trump supporters. She probably gets advice from John Carlin, who joined the Biden regime as the Acting Deputy Attorney General for Biden in 2021.

It was John Carlin who ultimately facilitated the fraudulent FISA application against Carter Page in order to continue surveillance of the risk represented by Donald Trump. John Carlin’s legal counsel in the NSD was Michael Atkinson.

That is who actually controls the US today. We’re in trouble.

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