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Trump has sprung his trap. Liberals, your hate has made you stupid.

Let’s go over the timeline:

  • Trump; as Presidents do, takes materials with him. The GSA even sent more. The National Archives wants them back beginning in January, I think. Trump sends back 15 boxes back.
  • In June Trump’s lawyers meet with Feds. Trump takes them on a full tour of his residence. The Feds recommend a more secure locker which later installs.
  • In August a warrant is issued; the Feds raid the residence. 30 agents spend nine hours searching and bust the locker they asked Trump to install. They leave, according to Christina Bobb, a wanting inventory.
  • An alleged leaker is said to claim that Trump had nuclear documents. Cries erupt from the left to imprison and even execute Trump
  • Garland says he will make public the warrant if Trump OKs it.
  • Trump dares Garland to make the warrant public

Then the other shoe drops

What does one do when one wants to bury something like FBI misconduct that one wants never to see the light of day? One classifies it “top secret.” And where are those “nuclear secrets”?

The Espionage Act? LOL. John Ratcliffe:

“As people talk about Espionage Act and classified documents and all of that, the standard was set in 2016. Remember the Department of Justice and the FBI took the official position that Hillary Clinton, who was in possession of classified documents … that in possession of that — that wasn’t enough and that being grossly negligent … that’s not enough under the Espionage Act,” Ratcliffe continued.

Just as Kash Patel said, Trump had declassified all this stuff, including proof of FBI misconduct- which is what the FBI was after. If you remember, back in April, Biden said he wanted Garland to act more like a prosecutor. He wanted Garland to go after Trump. Garland got the memo and this is the fallout. Unfortunately for them, it has backfired completely. I’ve been saving some of these for the purpose of ridicule.

Trumpland ‘caught off guard’ by Merrick Garland calling his bluff: report

Kathy Griffin on Twitter: “Ohhhhhh, our bad. IT WAS MERELY THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS DOCUMENTS.” / Twitter

Antonio Arellano on Twitter: “Hillary warned us Donald Trump couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.” / Twitter

George Takei on Twitter: “Our nuclear secrets already fell into the wrong hands. The wrong small, orange hands.” / Twitter

And there’s loads more, like this as**hole “historian” how has Toobined himself daily over what he thought was Trump going down

The FBI is worth sh*t. They kept Trump’s attorneys baking in the sun instead of allowing them to stay and observe the search, which opens the door for the accusation of planting evidence. It’s not as if the FBi hasn’t abused its authority over the last few years either.

IMO opinion there a couple possibilities here. Either Trump knew who the leaker was or designated a leaker himself. That leaker was to let slip that Trump had nuclear secrets to sell. Biden and Garland swallowed the bait whole as did the FBI. Hence the raid on Mar a Lago. Here’s the thing- if the “leaker” knew what as there and where it was located why did the FBI need to spend nine hours looking for it? I waited and waited, but when Trump dared them to release the warrant, I knew it was over. I knew he had them.

Bravo. And to you liberals

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