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If you accept what has been reported by CNN and Newsweek, this is unf**kingbelivable.

Biden said he was “blindsided” by the raid and had no foreknowledge:

The White House was “blindsided” by the stunning news that the FBI had executed a search warrant on Mar-A-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida home of former President Donald Trump, reported CNN.

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins reported on the story during AC360, with guest host John Berman, calling it a “remarkable development” to see Trump himself confirming the news.

That’s bad enough but then today we learn that, according to Newsweek, the feckless PTA mom-hunting Attorney General of the US claims he had no foreknowledge of the raid:

And the raid?



Last night I saw a clip from CNN in which one of their normally anti-Trump former intelligence “experts” said there’s no way retention of classified documents get you “anywhere near” the President’s home with a warrant.

Now we have two ways to look at this. Either both Garland and Biden are lying their asses off and throwing the FBI under the bus, which is where it really belongs or neither Biden nor Garland knew had advance warning of the raid and the FBI went rogue on its own. Either one makes for a colossal clusterf**k. Warrants are supposed to be limited in nature. If an informant told the FBI where to look and for what, that should be specified in the warrant and nothing else should have been touched. But that wasn’t the case. The removal of the Trump lawyers from the premises as it was being searched was wrong, but it does something precious for Trump. Trump can now, since there were no observers, claim that anything found in his home that might be incriminating was planted by the FBI- especially since it was acting without the knowledge of the President or the Attorney General.

And soon I will tell you what’s floating around in the back of mind about all of this. We shall see.

In either case, resignations are in order, but sadly, they won’t happen. But one thing is for certain.

The FBI has got to be taken down. This is a scandal unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Biden is corrupt. Garland is corrupt. They FBI has gone full KGB.

Joe Biden has become everything they said Trump would become. A tinpot a**hole dictator. We literally are teetering on the edge of becoming a full-blown fascist state.

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