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Spending time on Twitter can be illuminating. Never have I seen so much spamming going on from the left all about how Trump “stole” classified documents. You could call it the “Crapper Caper.” I have repeatedly pointed out that the President can declassify anything he chooses. But it’s not about that. It’s about something very different.

Trump and his lawyers were cooperating with the National Archives and had already returned 15 boxes of materials. Than came a June meeting:

Trump’s attorneys were present at that meeting and the sources say the former president himself stopped in to say hello for a few minutes.

The meeting came months after the National Archives — with assistance from the Justice Department — was able to get 15 boxes of documents sent back to Washington, D.C. after expressing concern they were in Florida.

The June meeting was about additional documents that were being sought. But following it, the Justice Department and FBI felt they weren’t getting the same cooperation they had been receiving earlier in the probe, according to a source with knowledge of negotiations between Trump’s team and the federal entities.

The perceived lack of cooperation is why a search warrant was requested and ultimately executed on Monday, Aug. 8 at Trump’s Palm Beach property.

“Perceived lack of cooperation.”  Note that Trump was not present. Perceived lack of cooperation is subjective. Without question, the Feds decided to perceive a lack of cooperation as a premise to ransack Trump’s place. Lawyers were not allowed to observe as the FBI took everything, relevant to the visit or not.

Today Andrew McCarthy opined that the raid was not about classified documents, but rather a fishing expedition for the Jan 6 Satr Chamber

The Justice Department obviously used the potential classified information as a pretext to obtain a warrant so it could search for what it is really looking for: evidence that would tie Trump to a Capitol riot offense – either a violent crime, such as seditious conspiracy to forcibly attack a government installation (which is highly unlikely), or a non-violent crime, such as conspiracy to obstruct the January 6 joint session of Congress to count electoral votes, or conspiracy to defraud the government.

He may be right or partly right. As we’ve noted previously, Kash Patel asserts that the documents present at Mar a Lago were already declassified but did not have the appropriate markings. Back in May Patel made a pretty good prediction:

“If they selectively leak stuff — and given this week’s Supreme Court leak, you can’t put it past anyone at the NARA or Congress who might have some of these documents and leak them to advance a false political narrative,” he said.

That is what transpired. This, however, is what I find interesting:

“They are not a classification authority. I don’t believe they have unilateral authority to reclassify something the president declassified. They are the holder of records,” he said.

Patel did not want to get into what the specific documents were, predicting claims from the left that he was disclosing “classified” material, but said, “It’s information that Trump felt spoke to matters regarding everything from Russiagate to the Ukraine impeachment fiasco to major national security matters of great public importance — anything the president felt the American people had a right to know is in there and more.”

That’s important as it dovetails into something I wrote about late last night. Paul Sperry had a similar notion and posted this, and was immediately suspended by Twitter

Twitter has a habit of quashing stories in the crib. They begin suspending accounts of conservatives in anticipation of elections and they suspend anything that crosses the party line on vaccines, truth notwithstanding.

I think the FBI absolutely has a personal stake in this. It’s too coincidental that this raid occurs soon after Sen. Chuck Grassley discloses whistleblowers’ assertions that the Wash DC FBI office tampered with politics (the very office who conducted the raid), and that on the same day of the raid Judicial Watch announces a lawsuit to release these materials.

Grassley has the whistleblowers, Judicial Watch has the lawsuit and Trump said he wanted to release proof, and Trump sought to release the proof of FBI misconduct in the Russian collusion investigation.

The FBI is looking to discover the identities of the whistleblowers, make them a deal they can’t refuse and seize the evidence of its own misconduct and bury it at the bottom of the ocean. When the FBI raided Mar a Lago, they weren’t just looking for classified materials. They took everything- personal papers, tax files, documents and all. There is no question that everything they’ve take will find its way into the paws of the Jan 6 committee and leaked to the press. This is a large-scale operation involving a lot of the government.

That’s why this raid happened. Biden didn’t know? Bullsh*t.

Remember that no investigations 90 days from the election rule that saved Hunter Biden’s ass in 2020?

It’s one more thing that doesn’t apply to Republicans


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