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There is a great deal of consternation and harrumphing about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Many in the US are against it as China was issued a number of veiled and not so veiled threats, including shooting down her aircraft. Biden didn’t even raise an eyebrow in response, which I found curious.

Recently Biden allegedly spent two hours talking to Xi.

“I would fully expect that, as part of the president’s conversation, that tensions in the South China Sea will come up, as they have routinely with respect to China’s excessive maritime claims that aren’t backed up by international law, by their coercive and aggressive behavior towards — towards nations that border on the sea or are in the South China Sea. And I fully expect that that will — that will come up,” he said.

Big talk, but it’s all talk. The transcript of the call was not released, and I think I know why. I think this whole thing is being staged.

It’s all theater.

Pentagon spokes-non-birthing person John Kirby gave it away when he said

He could be seen as greenlighting the invasion of Taiwan by China, but he really was signaling that the US won’t interfere in China’s plans for Taiwan one way or the other. I suspect Biden already told Xi the same (don’t forget that China’s investment in the Biden’s).

On Twitter many conservatives are concerned about democrats wanting a war. That’s the whole idea. IMO it’s all been planned and this is how it goes:

  • In their phone call Biden has assured Xi that the US won’t interfere with Xi’s plans for China.
  • Great theater is generated about Pelosi going to Taiwan
  • Kirby publicly assures China that the US doesn’t support an independent Taiwan
  • China continues to issue vague threats but privately already has agreed not to interfere with Pelosi’s visit
  • Pelosi goes to Taiwan, makes a number of neutral statements
  • Pelosi flies home safely and declares Biden to be a strong President who stood up to Xi.
  • Xi issues statement about how he intimidated Pelosi to go home
  • Pelosi win, Biden win, Xi win, Pelosi win

Biden desperately needs a win but Xi still owns him and needs him to remain in office to keep the fentanyl flowing and allow China to remain the Walmart one stop shopping for the green economy.

Of course, this all goes out the window if Pelosi’s plane is shot down.

>refrains from sarcastic comment<

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