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Welcome back to Day 542 of the Brandon* occupation! Before we jump to the current insanity let’s jump into The Wayback Machine to last month

6/13 – Stanford’s War on Social Life

Don’t read this unless you’re ready to be depressed. This is another front in The Radical Left’s #WarOnChildhood

7/7 – Why the Left Truly Is Evil (and Not Stupid)

I’m close to this point of no longer giving Leftists any benefit of the doubt

7/7 – U.N. Doc: World Hunger Is A Good Thing

I guess they deserve some props for being honest about their malevolence

7/8 – The charging of Jose Alba and the war on self-defense

I don’t see our society going the way of the UK and a victimhood culture, as this article sees as a slim possibility. I’m thinking more on the line of vigilantiism and bodies of criminals disappearing rather than calling the police. Neith outcome is good for anyone.

7/9 – E-Vehicles Are Like Covid Vaccines: Sold To Public Based On Wildly Unrealistic Exaggerations

I wish I could remember who said this, but I’m reminded of the comment, “Socialism is the Axe Body Spray of ideologies. It never works as advertised and is usually favored by people too young to know any better”

7/9 – Why Exactly Do Babies and Toddlers Need COVID Jabs?

Our next chapter in The War on Children

7/10 – After Oil Production, Trudeau Works To Decimate Canadian Farm Industry

Canadiens everywhere: “Justin Castreau, you’ve done a great job of p*ssing off our truckers. What vital industry is next?”

Vladimir Poutene: “Hold my Zima, eh?”

7/10 – Build Back Better 2.0: global elites rebrand to ‘Rules-Based World Order’

Pay attention to any of these crapweasels when they use twisted language like this

7/10 – Army Cuts Off Over 60K Guard And Reserve Soldiers From Pay And Benefits For Refusing Vax

One of many elements of our culture that needs a serious purge at the top

7/11 – Left Wing Group Offers ‘Bounties’ In Exchange For Doxxing Conservative Justices

Friendly advice to The Radical Left: You might want to pause for a moment and think about where your actions are leading. It’s not a place where any of us, you especially, want to go.

7/12 – You’re a Scientist? So What?

Dennis Prager brings both barrels in a must read piece.

7/13 – Her EBT Card Got Declined

The Othe McCain digs in further into the 7/8 story that Taco Belle would have described as “A Bogata”

7/14 – The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition

Scroll down a little bit to “How a Normal Person Gets Radicalized.” The Radical Left has brought this on themselves.

7/15 – How Angela Merkel’s Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of Germany

For any new readers, you no doubt know Occam’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.”

The last few years have led me to form Brother Bob’s Razor: “Never attribute to political stupidity that which can be explained by pure malice.”

Have a great weekend!

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