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I feel a sense of deja vu. A little more than a month ago I wrote The signs were there. They’re almost always there. No one was paying attention.

Now it happens again. The Highland Park shooting suspect has been apprehended. Once again, there is a mass shooting by a young male who checked ALL of the boxes.

  • Loner
  • Obviously mentally ill
  • Stoner
  • “He posted sinister music videos on YouTube that glamorized classroom shootings”
  • A friend said “He always seemed a little off”
  • Left a trail of clues
  • Weapon legally obtained

And of course, “Uncle of Bobby Crimo said nephew showed no signs of violence”, other than the videos glorifying school shootings.

The Daily Mail calls him a Trump supporter, which is laughable. He has a pinned tweet which says “stay woke.”


No Trump supporter ever says “stay woke.” But it might be a good time to heed another self-described friend who said this of him

As with so many others, this shooting was preventable.

It’s not as if he was on some obscure social media. He has an IMDB page, a Spotify account and a Youtube channel and had thousands of followers. It’s claimed that someone reported Crimo to Spotify to no avail. This video was screaming for attention:

In 2019 Illinois passed a “red flag” law.

What is The Firearms Restraining Order Act?

In Illinois, under The Firearms Restraining Order Act, guns may be removed temporarily from those who are deemed dangerous. Effective January 1st, 2019, Illinois joins over a dozen states in passing “red flag” laws regarding firearms.  This involves a suspension of a person’s right to buy or own firearms as well as having all of the individual’s guns temporary removed from their possession.

If a person is declared to be a danger, police can temporarily remove all firearms from the possession of the individual in the interest of protecting themselves or others.  The person whose rights are suspended will then have to wait at least two weeks to petition to have their license to own firearms restored.

Naturally, the knee jerking took off faster than a Chinese hypersonic missile. Biden, Pritzker and the usual lunkheads all were calling for new gun laws. Why bother? The one on the books could and would have stopped this from happening had anyone been paying attention. He was reportedly “known to law enforcement.”

No amount of gun laws will be effective if the laws are not enforced. Yet gins are not the problem. Guns are ubiquitous in Maine and Nebraska- mass shootings are not. This is mental illness visiting death and destruction. That’s where the efforts at prevention need to be directed.

If the present laws are not enforced and mental status is not considered when permits are issued, history will be repeated again. Also, people need to report these behaviors to aid law enforcement.

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