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Oh, I know. There’s a lot of resistance to this from the left and it is the strenuousness and magnitude of that outrage which ought to be a clue to its true nature. Remember, these are the same people who promoted Russian collusion for four years and they employed the same shaming tactics when we argued against it. Let’s make the case.

Let’s go back to 2008 when Barack Obama set the goal:

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”.

Joe Biden is Obama III. Hillary Clinton would have been Obama III except for Donald Trump, who spiked the plan for four years. Fundamentally transforming a nation is a big thing and from a Bill Ayers/ Rashid Khalidi offspring it’s something to be taken seriously. Biden is the continuation of the transformation effort.

So, what’s going on?

The Southern border is wide open. Border agents are punished for doing their jobs and morale has not been lower. They’re directed pretty much to stop apprehending illegals. Biden has cut their ranks to the point where large sectors go unpatrolled. Huge groups of illegals are swarming in. Border agents feel like “uber drivers.”

Biden is allowing in Afghans who aided the Taliban. 50 persons on the terror watch list have been apprehended, but that’s probably a small number in contrast to those who escaped the CBP and are in the country.

Biden has released more than 1 million illegals into the country, ignoring the Supreme Court and the law. The actual number of invaders is likely much closer to 2 million when the getaways are included. The flood of illegals is accompanied by a flood of fentanyl and human trafficking. Over 100,000 Americans now die every year from drug overdose, mostly from fentanyl. One might expect a serious President to take note of this but it’s not happening.

It’s not happening because this is all part of Joe Biden’s plans- the Great Replacement.

Biden has taken on the role both the legislative and the judiciary. He is accelerating the rate of naturalization of legal immigrants and adding them to the voter rolls in time for the mid-term elections. The democrat plan is to add another 1 million immigrants to the voter rolls and democrats plainly admit the goal:

Such a goal would ensure that about a million foreign-born residents are likely added to U.S. voter rolls in key swing states, both Gutierrez and Durbin seemingly acknowledged. Gutierrez, specifically, called the plan “transformative” for upcoming elections.

This is replacement theory in motion. It’s quite real. democrats are replacing Americans with the foreign-born democrat voters with the intention to create a permanent one-party state. Then Keith Olbermann can realize his wet dream- dissolve the Supreme Court. democrats will be able to shred the Constitution, doing away with the First and Second Amendments. Nancy Pelosi and her drunkard husband will continue to make zillions form insider trading. AOC will be Speaker of the House. Ilhan Omar will be the Majority leader.

Joe Scarborough, while decrying replacement theory, is in truth one of the leading proponents of replacement theory:

Demographics are a freight train carrying them into the future. The GOP’s actions will accelerate their collapse.

Then he says that talk about demographics replacing Republicans is not replacement theory. Biden and the DNC are that freight train, and it has left the station.

The thing is, the country is getting a snoot full of what the country would be like under a one-party rule- crime is destroying cities, murder is becoming an hourly event, inflation skyrocketing, gas and food prices are becoming unaffordable, baby formula shortages continue and more. It’s a nightmare scenario.

This is the promise of a one-party democrat-run nation. Vote accordingly.

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