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“Send in the clowns,” was a circus phrase used when a performer was seriously injured or killed while performing a dangerous act. People in the audience had to be distracted from the tragedy and clowns were summoned to divert the crowd’s attention.

The Democratic Party, terrified about the blowback from Biden’s shaky reign as a confused, dithering, monarch, yelled “send in the clowns. Let’s put on a show to distract the rubes and blame Trump.” Inflation is raging and gasoline prices are higher than Hunter Biden on crack cocaine. The southern border is wide open and will intentionally remain that way. Caravans of poor, uneducated, sick, immigrants are headed for a better life in the U.S.A. and I don’t blame them. I blame bumbling Biden and the sniveling cowards hiding behind the curtain intent on destroying America. The stock market is in the toilet (DOW dived 800 points), the Midterm elections are looming this fall and the prognosis for the toxic Democratic Party is total extinction. Who knew that dumb, Bible reading, God fearing deplorables in fly over country would notice wacky liberals taking a flame thrower to the greatest country on earth?

“Send in the clowns!” Never fear, two RINOs Dizzy Lizzie Cheney and her side kick, Adambig family disappointment” Kinzinger, arrived in the nick of time at the Capital for the televised J6 kangaroo court. Adam’s mom called her RINO son an “embarrassment to our family” and a member of the “devil’s army.” That’s gonna leave a mark and the next Kinzinger family Thanksgiving dinner should be a pay for view televised event.

Imagine if you will: Adam and Lizzie’s clown car screeches to a halt on the Capital steps and both exit carrying balloons, seltzer water bottles and wearing big floppy shoes. IMPEACH TRUMP is printed in large red letters on each balloon. The balloons were left over from 2021 when both of those traitors lost their minds, betrayed their party and voted to impeach Donald Trump.

As they head to the J-6 Inquisition/Gong show/three-ring circus, Dizzy Lizzie squirts a FOX News reporter with seltzer water and Kinzinger honks and yells, “We are duty-bound to conduct a full investigation on the worst attack at the Capital since 1814…” Apparently, Kinzinger conveniently forgot about 4 other deadly attacks on the Capital that actually were devastating:

1915: Erick Muenter (Harvard professor) planted a package containing three sticks of dynamite in the Capital near the Senate Reception room. The explosive device detonated around midnight.

1954: Four Puerto Rican Americans fired guns in the House of Representatives injuring five congressmen.

1971: A bomb exploded in the Capital building. A group calling itself the Weather Underground claimed to be behind the bombing.

1983: A bomb tore through the second floor of the Senate wing of the Capital. The device detonated in the late evening. A group calling itself the Armed Resistance Unit, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yeah, but January 6 was soooo much worse. The lamestream media moaned and groaned ad nauseam that the January 6 protest was just a tad  worse than the Bubonic Plague of 1331. Chuckling Chucky Schumer hopped on board the moron train and compared January 6 to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which killed 2,500 Americans. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. One guy actually stole a podium (how do you fence a podium?) and another dude put his feet up on Pelosi’s desk. Oh, the horror. Those villainous scoundrels must be identified, punished and banished to a dark, dirty, dungeon. “Send in the clowns” and distract Americans from the actual horrors being perpetrated against our beloved country by Biden and his far-left wing nut job liberals and their toxic agenda. Their ultimate goal is to destroy America by encouraging anarchy, defunding the police, and watching with glee as our beautiful cities burn baby burn.

When the smoke has cleared and America lies in ruin, conservatives across the land will loudly scream like Charlton Heston at the end of the movie Planet of the Apes:

“You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you!”

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