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Welcome back to Day 500 of the Biden* occupation! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and paid respect for the reason for the holiday. Although I suspect that our vets are spinning in their graves to see what they sacrificed to save, case in point:

5/26 – Of COURSE the Cops didn’t rush in, we’ve taught them not to.

The rule of unintended consequences. Or even more disturbing – intended?

5/27 – Texas Shooter Was Previously Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Up School

At least the FBI is on top of those Insurrectionist (TM) 90 something year old grandmas

5/28 – Report: NSBA Planned To Request Military Police Be Sent To School Districts Due To Parents Posing “Domestic Terrorism” Threat

I’m wondering if the person who eventually said “no” to this nimrodery did it becasue it was a stupid idea or too soon?

5/28 – Ukrainian women in Sweden warned not to dress in a way ‘that could provoke Muslim men’

This goes back to when The Radical Left lectured us that the US and European countries “had” to take in migrants from mostly Islamic nations – why aren’t countries like Irans, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. taking them in?

5/28 – This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules

This week’s edition of “What we Normals view as a warning, The Radical Leftists who’ve seized the Democrat Party are using as a textbook.”

5/29 – Leftism To Blame? MOST Mothers Of “Trans” Boys Are Mentally Ill Themselves

At some point it’s time to acknowledge that the trans movement is child abuse.

5/30 – Memorial Day Remembrance

Keeping things in perspective.

5/30 – Again, that should not be taught in schools

This week’s edition…

5/31 – Florida School District Accused Of Instructing Staff To Hide Student “Gender Transitions” From Parents

And don’t assume that living in the free state of Florida is protection enough for your kids

6/1 – Where are all the men?

A painful look at what Leftism has done to our culture

6/2 – The 12 Lessons Every Conservative Patriot Learned From the Tragic Texas School Shooting

And The Radical Left is furious that we’re learnng them, at least among thise of us who haven’t already

6/3 – NASCAR continues to abandon its customer base

I’ve never been a NASCAR fan, but went through the same with the NFL. And pretty much every other pro sports league, for that matter.

Have a great weekend!

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