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In the latest, “Wow, we never saw that coming,” catastrophe facing Joe Biden and his crack White House staff is the lack of baby formula in the United States – well, not for everyone.  Apparently, sleepy Joe sent numerous pallets of baby formula to …wait for it…US border facilities for illegal aliens. Joe is multitasking by feeding illegal immigrant babies and starving hungry American babies at the same time.

Joe may not love feeding our babies, but he really, really loves Ukraine.  The House just approved $39.8 billion in funding which awaits Senate approval and Biden’s signature. Biden just sent his wife to Ukraine where bullets fly and Russian tanks explode.  Boom shaka-laka! Jill promised them that the checks in the mail while Joe decided to stay at home and wash the dog.  Meanwhile, in East Africa, 7.2 million people are at the risk of starvation and another 26.5 million face acute food insecurity.  At least 12.8 million children in the region are acutely malnourished.  Jill probably won’t visit them with a big old wad of cash to ease their pain and fill their tummys with food. Can you imagine if all of the major countries combined their talents and focused on alleviating world hunger.  What a wonderful world this could be.

Some American presidents were good and some were lacking, but most of them (not you Obama) loved America and were committed to actually helping all of their citizens.

Biden seems really intent on destroying America.  Biden’s new moniker is 007. He has a license to kill the American economy, has 00 accomplishments in office and has orchestrated at least 7 catastrophic events.  These are American extinction events because we may not survive.

Biden blames the Great MAGA King Trump and everyone but himself for every crisis.  When asked about the shortage of baby food, Biden started yelling as he stumbled away from the podium: “It’s Trump’s fault. It’s Putin’s fault.  Hey man, get off my lawn or I’ll run over you with my Zamboni!” Trump has been gone 480 days but still rents space in Biden’s head.

Some people actualy feel sorry for Biden because he is old and appears to be suffering from some type of dementia.  Biden belongs in a retirement home eating his checkers and talking about Corn Pop.  Instead, Biden is ruining the greatest country on the planet.  All of his decisions drastically impact 330 million Americans who certainly did not vote for a confused, befuddled, captain at the helm of the ship of state.

It would appear that someone or some group is taking advantage of Joe’s declining mental state.  Joe probably asks Jill every night before bed, “Jen, why does everyone hate me so much?”

We don’t hate you Joe.  We hate the man behind the curtain who is calling the shots and letting you take the blame for a multitude of intentionally bad decisions. That slimeball is a disgraceful coward who lacks the intestinal fortitiude to identify himself as the evil architect of our destruction. Ringing any bells?

Sleep tight tonight.  God willing, the Great MAGA King Trump will recapture the throne in 2024.  Pray that America will survive until that time.

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