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The short answer:  BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO. Does anyone actually believe that Biden/Harris received 81 million votes in 2020?  Donald Trump doesn’t. However, the mantra of the main stream media is lie, lie, lie and keep lying until the ignorant masses believe the lies and ignore the truth.

Trump bad man.  Russia, Russia, Russia.  January 6 Trump supporters were domestic terrorists and deserved incarceration without representation. COVID did not originate from the Wuhan Lab in China.  COVID came from a bucket of bat wings in a Chinese wet market.  Calling the Coronavirus the Chinese virus is racist. Printing $$$$$ does not cause inflation.  Our 30.5 trillion dollar deficit is no biggy-just keep printing $$$$$.  The Chinese Communist Party will never stab America in the back.  The Chinese are NOT stealing our intellectual property. Inflation is all Trumps fault.  The border crisis is all Trumps fault.  COVID is all Trumps fault. Biden is a great president who is not appreciated by the stupid deplorables in flyover America.  Hunter Bidens laptop is fake.  Joe does not have dementia. Jill Bidens book is on the NY Times best seller list.  Crime is not rising across America.

Democrats cheat because they know that America is sick and tired of the lies, obfuscation and wacked out, left wing, nutjob liberals.  They hate our country and desire to live in a Socialist/Communist hellscape which they moronically envision as utopia.

The midterm elections are on the horizon and Democrats are so agitated that they are making coffee nervous.  They are about to receive a shellacking comparable to the 21,600 pound “Mother of all bombs,” (MOAB) dropped in Afghanistan.  The shockwaves from the midterm elections could potentially end the Democratic Party.

Democrats have to cheat.  The southern border was intentionally left wide open by Biden, not as a humanitarian gesture but instead to lure desperately needed new Democratic voters into the fold. That is how desperate Democrats have become.  Illegal aliens get free phones, unlimited minutes, housing, welfare and the opportunity to vote Democratic if they want more free stuff from Uncle Sam.

Democrats have to cheat because their message has become more toxic than the gift shop at Chernobyl.  Never underestimate their ability for chicanery and villainy in the upcoming elections. Dems are not concerned with helping Americans but instead are devoted to helping themselves remain in power.

Democrats salivate when they control other peoples lives.  Cheating is their only option to achieve that goal.

Ever wonder why there are no Democrats on Mount Rushmore?  Ya, me neither………….

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