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Welcome back, good readers! To bring some of you up to speed in this four part series we dove into these topics:

Will We be Remembered as the Generation That Declared War on Our Children?

Will the Genius of the Transgender Movement End up Being its Downfall?

Friendly Advice to The Radical Left: Normalizing Child R@pe Is Not a Winning Issue

And we’ll wrap up with a short post. Actually, I have two questions. The first one osn’t one that I cam up with though, it comes via YouTuber Tim Poole. He tends to aggravate both sides, as he’s basically a red-pilled Leftist who still clings to some of his old Leftist values while calling out a lot of the more crazy Leftism. The question he raised on one of his podcasts is so danged obvious you’re going to slap your forehead for not thinking of it first (just like I did). He simply asked, “How is talking about your sex life and other sexual topics accepttable with children when in any workplace it would be considered harassment?” Admit it – you just cringed for not thinking of that one yourself. And it’s a damned good question to bring to any school board meeting.

Now on to my question, and it’s one to present to any educators having Pride events, parades, displays, seminars, speakers, grooming sessions, etc. As we all know, there is a finite amount of time in each school day. And no matter how little prep may be needed, some time is needed for any of these activities. So the question I have is, “What events or subject matter were cut to make time for these?” Any Educrat who opens with anything like “it’s not taking any time from other subject becasue…” is staring off with a lie. Even if they claim it’s a free period ask for documentation. Again, ask what was on the bulletin board in the years prior to the Pride Month celebration? The time spent having a Pride parade took out a class period of time. That amount of material got dropped from whatever subject should have been studied that day. What was taught before that no longer is? The same principle can be equally applied to any CRT bigotry being pushed in schools.

We’ve had our Pearl Harbor, I think that Virginia’s 2021 election was our Midway (for that matter, even deep blue NJ was only lost by margin of fraud), and I don’t know what our Hiroshima will be, but before anyone gets too giddy there will most likely be our shares of Iwo Jimas and Okinawas. But at least the tide of battle is finally flowing in the right direction.

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