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The Radical Left’s War on our Children has been pretty well documented lately. After an incident we experienced a few days ago I was reminded of a few other anecdotes from friends/acquaintances that I’ve heard about. And while anecdotes do not equate data (which I had to remind every Lefty back in the days when the were singing the praises of Obamacare), when you get enough data points together patterns start to emerge. Of the four stories I’m about to tell three are recent, while one is old news. And for obvious reasons I’m being really vague, save for the one that involved the Bob family.

One young kid, who has some social issues, had gotten on a kick of shouting a word that is completely innocuous, but in some setting could be interpreted as racist by someone suffering from late stage Mental Libtardation. The kid said the magic word at school when a photo of several students was shown. While I don’t know the racial makeup of everyone in the pic, more than one person in it was nonwhite, and the mandatory freakout ensued. They (the pronoun I’ll be using for the kids for privacy), was called on to apologize, which they did. Parents were notified, and they explained the rest of the story and the misunderstanding was explained. End of story, right? Wrong. the next day they got served with an in school suspension and the parents were notified that this incident would become part of their kid’s permanent record.

Another kid’s parents made tthe decision to transition their child after some serious discussions when their kid was way too young to even be introduced to this subject. They stated that they had a serious talk with their kid before making this decision, as I was told. Whenever I hear this argument I just want to scream that this doesn’t justify drowning your daughter in the bathtub who thinks she’s a mermaid or pushing your son out a third story window because he thinks he’s Superman. I recall observing something else at the time that made this look like what Kurt Schlichter likes to call “Mommy’s Manchausen Syndrome”.

Another parent relayed the need to get speech therapy for the parent’s kid who needs it, mostly as a result of the child abuse inflicted by the Wuhan Flu lockdowns. The was met with some bureacratic stonewalling, and the administrator that the parent spoke with warning that legal action could take years and would only net a few grand. The admin also offered that other parents in similar situations took out second mortgages to send their kids to private schools. This sounded insanely heartless, and on talking more it sonds like part of this was coming from a bureacrat giving some real talk to manage expectations. or maybe it was a combination of both.

And finally, while at a big extracurricular school event, Little Bob came back to me in tears after he was climbing in the playground and getting kicked and punched in the face by a younger girl. While I should have had him identify the girl and either told her parents or the school attendants, I didn’t want to make LB relive the situation and just got him out of there. I also suggested that responding by punching her in the teeth would not have been wrong (though he would have gotten in trouble, or course). The days of not hitting a girl are long gone from our culture, and I’d rather this girl had learned the lesson sooner than later when the physical strength differences between boys and girls becomes far more manifest. I also learned the next day that another kid got rolled by a group of older kids at this same event. And yes, I know I could have handled this better. Lesson learned.

I’ve heard from another parent at our school how the girls there have become particularly nasty. I’ve also heard from another parent who subs for older kids in our school system that kids everywhere have gone a bit crazy. It’s not a big surprise, as our school system essentially robbed them of two years of their lives, between one year of virtual “learning”, and one year of forcing them to wear masks. So I put it to you, good readers? Am I an outlier? Or is my fear that what I’m seeing is the tip of a particularly dangerous iceberg? I have a feeling that when history looks back on how we handled the pandemic, how we treated our children will get us judged in a particularly harsh light.

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