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Welcome back to Day 465 of the President Easter Bunny* occupation! Straight to the crazy:

4/22 – Housing: The Next Biden Disaster? Here’s What Might Be Coming in the Housing Market

Interesting look – are we near the peak of another real estate bubble, or the strat of being transformed into Western Europe?

4/23 – What Are Human Rights?

Short answer – something that the tyrants from The Radical Left despise

4/24 – Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy Like a Fox

Yeah, MTG says some crazy stuff sometimes. You know what else? I don’t care. We need more of her and fewer Dan Crenshaws, who made one of the fatest transitions from Conservative to Swamp Creature I’ve e ver seen.

4/25 – Did a Key FBI Agent in Whitmer Plot Attempt to Surveil Steven Crowder?

I’d like just one week to go by where my opinion of teh FBI doesn’t drop even farther

4/26 – Dear Corporations: This ‘Pride Month,’ LEAVE US ALONE

I sincerely hope that we finally see pushback against Corporate Child Grooming Month.

4/27 – Chronic Shortages Of A Few Items Now Will Evolve Into Chronic Shortages Of Hundreds Of Products Later In 2022

Some unexpected surprises on what’s coming. Stock up, everybody.

4/27 – House Democrats Remove First Female Jewish Speaker as Minority Leader

Yes, this is one of my “This post made the cut for an awesome headline alone”, but for a relatively short article it’s a meaty one. The innards of Virginia Democrats may sound like an author’s choice local story, but the way dark money overthrew their organization can (and does) happen anywhere in America

4/28 – How I Almost Became a State Department Foreign Service Officer

Good insight into one of our many corrupt federal agencies

4/29 – How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen

As much as stories like this will make your blood boil, remind yourself of who our military will be targeting in America’s next war. And on that cheery note…

Have a great weekend!

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