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Welcome back to Day 458 of the President “Inflation is everyone’s fault but mine”* occupation! Let’s get to the insanity:

4/14 – The Other Fednapping Plot

It turns out that my state’s former racist governor was also being targeted for kidnapping by the FBI!

4/15 – DuckDuckGo Search Engine CEO Announces Changes to Internet Search Algorithms to Promote Approved Content

Another tech company falls.

4/16 – To honor Christians and Jews on Holy weekend, New York Times proposes “KILLING” God

I’d love to see the NY Slimes try a similar stunt with Islam. And we know exactly why they won’t.

4/16 – 20 federal ‘assets’ were embedded at the Capitol on January 6, contradicting media ‘fact checks’

That number seems low. How many know Antifa & BLM terrorists were identified and allowed into the mix?

4/17 – “That’s Cooking Oil” – UK Extinction Rebellion Blockades the Wrong Truck

Nobody ever accused Climastrologists of being smart.

4/18 – This way Joe! Biden gets pulled away from reporters by aid in EASTER BUNNY costume

Yes, you’ve probably already read this story. But The Daily Mail did a great zapruder-like breakdown of this humiliation in pictures. If Biden* weren’t such a sphichter muscle I would actually feel sorry for him.

4/19 – In Biden’s Annual Economic Report, The Word “Gender” Is Used 40 More Times Than The Word “Inflation”

That headline in itself says more than I could possibly comment on the Biden* administration

4/20 – Disney Says Tinker Bell And Captain Hook Not Woke Enough

I assumed the headline had to be a joke. It’s not, and Disney seems intent on its self destruction.

4/20 – Former Bush-Cheney Advisor: Jesus Christ ‘Would Be Called A Groomer’ If He ‘Was Alive’ Today

I think it was Ace who observed that with two or three exceptions, everyone from teh Bush admisistration would go on to become a Democrat. Read the post to see which primary this clown just dropped out of.

4/21 – Tulsi Gabbard brings a sledgehammer to Mitt Romney and Keith Olbermann

More of this. But here’s my big question – why is it a Democrat taking the lead on this great idea?

4/22 – Ilhan Omar Once Again Shows How Much She Hates America

In other words, another day ending in a “Y”. I do like that The Goon Squad is becoming the face of the Democratic party

Have a great weekend!

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