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Happy Good Friday and welcome back to Day 451 of “The Big Guy’s”* occupation! Straight to the crazy:

4/7 – The State and Local Leaders Who Aren’t Ready to Give Up Pandemic Power

And why would they? We’ve seen these laboratories for tyranny across the country

4/8 – Unvaxxed Australians can’t leave the country because of a WHO treaty: “We’re protecting the world”

Because of the WHO. In other words, China has conquered Australia without firing a single shot.

4/9 – “Biggest Threat to Our Democracy”: Obama Makes Radical Statements about Free Speech

“a systematic effort to either promote false information, to suppress true information, for the purpose of political gain, financial gain, enhancing power, suppressing others, targeting those you don’t like.”

The sad part is, on the surface every word that Barry O said was true. Unfortunately he’s as always facing the wrong direction.

4/9 – Racially Sensitive ‘Restorative’ School Discipline Isn’t Behaving Very Well

I’ll take the grievance mongers who howl about racial disparities in criminal convictions seriously when they start complaining about how despite beig less than half of the population almost 100% of rape convictions are against men.

4/10 – Chipotle fighting back against labor shortage by bringing on chip-making robot


4/10 – Abolish the FBI or Face an American Putin

Very sobering – don’t read this one if you’re eating.

4/11 – U.S. Military changing uniform regulations, fitness standards to be more woke, inclusive

The only cold comfort comes from who our military will most likely be targeting in our next war. See the previous post if you’re not sure who that is.

4/12 – Pennsylvania Plans To Conduct Illegal Elections Again, And I Won’t Stand For It

A painful reminder that we’re still a long way from The Radical Left seizing the next presidential election

4/13 – LOOSE ENDS (158)

A link roundup within a link roundup? Sure, why not? The quick hits are all worth your time.

4/14 – If You Like Donald Trump Then You Want a Real Primary

Kurt Schlichter serves up some much needed tough love

4/15 – Britain’s new rule for strip-searching female suspects beggars belief

“Beggars belief”? I’m more surprised that anyone is surprised by The Radaical Left these days.

ICYMI – I opined that Texas Gets Disney Wrong

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter! He is risen! And building hot rods...

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