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Welcome back to Day 444 of the President “Why won’t anyone talk to me?“* occupation! Straight to the crazy:

4/1 – CULTURAL TERRORISM: The War On Parents Is Heating Up

Declaring that parents are the enemy? Yes, more of this, Democrats – this is the path to electoral victory!

4/2 – Disney Gets Bad News from Parents: ‘It Is Time to Void Your Household Of All Things Disney’

We had just cancelled Disney Plus. And now I’m thinking of taking this one step further and deleting the app from every one of the seven TVs in our household (Yes, seven. But six on them are on the gaming wall I created in our basement). I’m assuming that Disney gets that feedback, right?

4/3 – Australian doctors are now being warned they “are obliged to” follow public health messages

The phrase “can’t happen here” only applies until it does.

4/3 – ‘The House That Davos Built’ Quakes As PM Orban Claims “Great Victory” In Hungary Election

Yes, I have to take some pride in my ancestral land being at the forefront of standing up to tyranny.

4/4 – Why the LGBTQ+ are fighting Florida’s anti-grooming law

We’re seeing “the hill to die on” being thrown around a lot here. I support this, given that the side that’s not going to die will be the parents. The creeps have been warned.

4/5 – Dad Facing Criminal Charges For Accusing Woke Activist Of ‘Grooming’

Friendly advice to The Radical Left (And I will be expanding on this in what will be an at upcoming least two part post): Normalizing Child R@pe is not a winning issue with the Normals.

4/6 – Proof has emerged from the White House that Biden’s presidency is over

The theory in here as to how this could lead to Obama back in the presidency would have sounded like tinfoil hattery back in 2016. These days there is very little Leftist insanity that should not at least be considered as serious by at least a few people in power.

4/7 – Barack Obama And Company Dishonestly Lecture UChicago Students On ‘Disinformation

Q: Lack of self awareness or arrogant gall?

A: Yes.

4/8 – Environmentalists Want Us to Freeze, Starve, and Die

If we want to be completely honest…

On a side note, one of my job’s news roundup newsletters unironically hd these two headline back to back a few days ago:

USA Today: ‘Step in the right direction’: TSA to adopt gender-neutral screening to be more inclusive

NY Times: The Funniest Travel Account on Instagram Is Run by the T.S.A. Seriously.

There is nothing I can add to that.

ICYMI: Google: Be Evil

Have a great weekend!

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