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Barack Obama made his first visit to the White House since he was President despite living very close by. The purported reason for the visit was to help Biden push for the Affordable Care Act. That really wasn’t the reason. Obama spent a lot of time glad handing visitors and lost in the reverie was the current President. This video says it all.

It was kind of a “what about me?” moment. Biden did look lost. No one seemed to care that he was even alive, let alone present. As much as I despise Biden, I almost felt sorry for him. The country learned who the real President is and how little democrats care for Biden. The event turned into a train wreck when Obama took the podium.

Obama started his speech by joking he was joined by ‘Vice President Biden’ and said ‘some changes have been made’ in the five years since he left – including all Secret Service agents being ‘forced to wear aviators’ and that ‘there’s a cat running around’ the residence. He even joked about having to put a tie for the day.


‘Thank you. Vice President Biden. Vice President – that was a joke,’ Obama said to much laughter and applause.


He again clarified: ‘That was all set up. My president, Joe Biden.’

A joke. Yeah, it was a joke but it was a message. Obama was returning to claim his status. He was reminding everyone that he is the top dog. He let Biden know it too. The “Vice President” wasn’t just a joke. It was meant to ding Biden. It was meant to demean Biden.

And it did.

Obama then compounded the damage when he ignored Biden, who was trying desperately to get his attention as a child would implore a parent. Kamala Harris dumped Biden quicker than you can say Willie Brown.

Barack Obama once again demonstrated that he is a world class narcissist. He cares for no one as much as he does himself and as a consequence pushed a weakened Joe Biden further into the abyss.

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