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There are gaffes and there are gaffes. Then there’s dementia. Joe Biden has always been gaffe prone but at some point, people have to come to grips with the fact that Joe Biden is suffering from real dementia. We got three Biden boners a couple of days ago.

Did you know that Jill Biden was once Vice President?

“The daughter of a Navy signalman during World War Two, the mother of a member of the Delaware National Guard, the grandmother of children who experienced having their father deployed away from home for a year at a time,” Biden said in his speech. “She always holds our military and their families in her heart.  And that is not hyperbole; that’s real.

I’m deeply proud of the work she is doing as first lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president and now carries on.”

Biden again claimed to being a truck driver in the past

President Joe Biden spoke at a trucking event at the White House on Monday, using the occasion to revise a story about when he “used to drive a truck.”

“I used to drive a truck,” he said in a speech on trucking outside the White House with two Mack trucks behind him. “It’s a long story. Anyway.”

There is zero evidence that he was ever a truck driver.

Then after his speech he asks a very poignant question:


He had no idea where he was or what he was doing.

Biden suggested American troops were going to Ukraine, the US would respond in kind if Russia used chemical weapons and called for regime change in Russia. Later, when asked about that he said ‘None of the three occurred’.’

Biden’s dementia is not new. It was written about here last year. The press can smother this for only so long. The problem is, it’s getting worse. I do not see Biden finishing his term as President. Eventually he’s going to need a seeing brain dog accompanying him everywhere. It will be in the form of an earpiece with someone telling him what to say when he cannot read a teleprompter.

Biden may also be forced to resign once he pardons his criminal coke addled reprobate son.

Kamala Harris is highly likely to become President and that will be the sh*tshow of all sh*tshows. The latest in a long line, Harris’s Chief of Staff has resigned. Harris has been called a soul-destroying bully who routinely sounds like an idiot in part because, according to an insider, she refuses to prepare and largely because she is an idiot.

There is an alleged Chinese curse that reads “May you live in interesting times.”

It’s going to get very interesting soon.


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