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Remember the good old days when Google had a simple company slogan, “Don’t Be Evil”? Yes, they really did at one time. And yes, that ship has sailed. I won’t even list the many ways that credo has been violated, but in the last week I saw one particularly bizarre action firsthand.

Two Saturdays ago Sister Babe asked me why I hadn’t responded to a text from her. “What text?” I asked. I didn’t get the usual notification from my Google Pixel phone (A custom ringtone of the bell chime from the Rush classic, Xanadu). In fact, when I checked my phone I saw that the icon for the messaging app I used had disappeared from my home screen. I didn’t remember the name offhand, but scrolled through all of my apps and did not see the familiar icon. So I fired up my previous phone. Despite it’s broken screen I hoped to at least identify the app so I could re-install. The cracks in the screen rendered the old phone nearly useless but I was able to work it enough to identify the app – Handcent. That was when things got weird – while I was trying to find the app in the Play Store on my current phone, not only could I not find it (just a few skins), but after the old phone had fully started up after being powered down for a few months, the Handcent app disappeared from  that phone’s screen as well! What gives?

I started checking online, and learned what happened – for reasons never revealed, Google identified the Handcent app as malware that might try to take over my phone and steal my data. Handcent’s own site had very little info to offer, just updates along the way is it finally got restored the following Wednesday. In the interim, I just used the crapware apps that came pre-installed with the phone – I know, first world problems. And I wouldn’t be writing a post over something so petty, but given how Big Tech has behaved in the last few years it’s hard to not take a closer look.

First off, Google basically protected me from an app potentially taking over my phone and stealing my data by… taking over my phone and stealing my data. I’m reminded of a lyric from that punk classic by DRI, “Violent Pacification” – Teach you to be nice to each other, kill you before we let you hurt each other. Thanks, Google! Maybe next time a warning might suffice?

But even more disturbing, if Google can not just disable, but completely wipe any app off of our phones, at what point does Google decide to simply nuke a few apps that they deem as a potential threat for spreading disinformation? Or could anyone see a scenario where in coordination with the DOJ and FBI, during a series of nationwide predawn raids, Conservative leaders and media figures across the country have their homes raided and are locked up in reaction to “Credible evidence of a planned nationwide insurrection”? Naturally, to prevent the spread of any “misinformation” only government approved social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. would be allowed to be used to communicate – all non approved apps will simply be removed from every mobile device across the country.

Relax, I know that what I just wrote sounds like some A-grade tinfoil hattery. I don’t see this scenario happening, nor am I losing sleep at night worried that it might. But you know what else? I genuinely miss the days when today’s “Conspiracy theory” or “Misinformation” is more often than not 2-3 years from becoming an accepted fact.

Anyone know of a good smart phone not made by Google, Microsoft, or Apple? I did a lengthy search when I bought my last phone without any luck.

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