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I love America.  I have always been patriotic and spent two years of my life in the U.S. Army serving my beloved country. Our nation is beautiful and has been abundantly blessed by God but sadly our time in the sun is coming to an end and the barbarians are at the gate.

Presidents Clinton, Obama, Biden and Bush made some dicey decisions that weakened America.  RINO Republicans who knew better, aided and abetted our demise.  All the kings horses and all the kings men will never put America back together again.  “Say it ain’t so,”  you cry!

Our borders are wide open and the steady influx of unvetted, illegal, uneducated, poor, aliens has turned into a tsunami.  Our military has been intentionally gutted like a dead fish.  Our Democratic run cities are crumbling.  Drug use, mental illness and poverty have reached epidemic proportions.  Crime is surging.  Inflation is raging.  Stagflation is on deck and Depression is sitting in the dugout waiting for a turn at bat.

China is laughing at Biden in the White House as they silently, slither towards Taiwan.

America is $30,356,000,000,000 in debt and Congress spends money like drunken sailors on shore leave.  39,701,101 Americans live in poverty. 27,149,890 Americans have no insurance.  41,646,606 Americans are food stamp recipients. This will not end well-trust me.

We did not go quietly into that good night.  Trump breathed life into America for four years. He loves this country and desperately tried to save us but he was a businessman first and a politician second.  He frantically tried to drain the fetid DC swamp and was mocked, ridiculed, betrayed and cheated out of a second term.  The media hounded him like rabid hyenas in The Lion King and now those same hyenas have morphed into slobbering labradoodles.  They lick Biden’s feet and make excuses for his incompetence as a president.  The media is contemptible. Shame on them.

In The Lion King, the hyenas destroyed the Pride and in America, left wing liberals have sabotaged our cherished institutions.  We trusted fallible presidents to lead America and told God that we no longer need His help.  That was a terrible mistake and it may be too late to keep the ship of state afloat.

America is on the path to destruction and will not survive without God’s mercy and intervention.  Period

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