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I’ve got to admit, I was a bit surprised when the 3/25 edition of The Daily Skirmish hit my Inbox. Apparently, despite every bureaucratic abuse we’ve seen at the hands of our health care system over the last two years of Two Weeks To FlattenThe Curve TM. The Radical Left is continuing their unrelenting efforts to destroy America’s health care system. It’s just disturbing how many examples there are:

Of course, when the legislative date rape known as Obamacare was forced into the American people, one Leftist even let slip that the bill was about control, not health. While nothing should surprise me anymore, I was genuinely surprised that anyone who has been even remotely paying attention for the last two years would think that Single Payer would in any way, shape, or form appeal to any Normals. I’m not going to go into the many times and ways the bureaucracy got things wrong (two weeks, no masks/wear three masks, stop exercising / going to church /stay isolated) and instead just focus on the reasons we’ve been given to mistrust the people who want to want the power to decide who lives an who dies:

Let the unvaccinated die?

Unvaccinated denied organ transplant

No jab no service

Unvaccinated should not be allowed to leave their homes

Unvaccinated can’t see their family members

To any Normals reading this, you’re nodding your head in agreement at this Captain Obvious moment you’ve probably already hit on yourself. This is the important part for sharing this post – do not waste your time sharing this with anyone but the Normals. You can pass this along to any of your Lefty pals, and while they might deny the premise, deep down they love the idea of having the power to decide who lives an who dies. Or, as they like to call it, “managed health care” or “bending the curve”. Don’t waste your time.

But spread the word among the Normals. We just got a taste of what The Radical Left wants to give us and give it good and hard.

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