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Welcome back to Day 430 of President Groomer’s* occupation!

3/19 – Is Ace of Spades ‘Cruel’?

The Other McCain takes a good look at a fellow blogger

3/20 – The Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee

Two from McCain in one week? Yes that happens when he expains the importance of 1/6 for The Radical Left

3/20 – The New York Times tells us that “America Has a Free Speech Problem”, without noting that they are part of the problem

More on The NY Slimes in a moment…

3/21 – How slavery should be taught

Good post, tho I’d be OK with just summarizing that The Republican Party was formed to take away the Democrats’ slaves..


Back to the New York Slimes. They need to be investigated


Yeah, I normally don’t post twice on the same subject and from the same source, but this is a level of corruption that needs more attention

3/24 – What became of the DC truckers’ convoy?

This could be a post on its own, but I’ll just post the money quote:

Snowplows and barricades were utilized to block the off-ramps. Unfortunately, this not only illegally stopped the trucks from entering the city, but stopped all vehicles, causing even more back-ups, delays, and frustration. At times, traffic came to a standstill, and drivers exited their vehicles.

At this point all truck drivers, whether participants or local delivery should have responded to the DC government, “Your counter offer has been accepted. EMBARGO ON! Now… Who run Bartertown?

3/25 – The GOP Needs to Reject Losers Like Eric Greitens

Kurt Schlicter’s columns could be in here every week for their titles alone.

ICYMI – I posed the question, Is The Democratic Party a Hate Group? An Objective Look

Have a great weekend!

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