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Idiocracy was a movie released in 2006.  It was supposed to be a comedy but morphed into a sad documentary which envisioned “a disturbing prophetic look at the future of America-and-our era of stupidity.”

The movie documents an Army experiment in suspended animation.  Two subjects are preserved cryogenically and frozen in a time capsule.  The Army forgot about the experiment and the time capsule was lost in the dust of time.  Both subjects wake up in the year 2505 and discover that America is completely filled with dumb people. Apparently intelligent people stopped having children and stupid people procreated like rabbits. “Future” America is run entirely by idiots who are perpetually stuck on stupid.

The leader of “future” America is President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.  President Camacho dictates that all crops must be watered with an energy sport drink called Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator.  Brawndo is full of electrolytes and five kinds of sugar so it must be good for growing things!

Why wait for 2505? Idiocracy accurately describes the goofy decisions of cognitively impaired Joe Biden in 2022.  Our feckless leader, “Mountain Dew” Biden could be Camacho’s great-grandfather. No one would be surprised if Joe signed an Executive Order demanding that all crops be watered with Brawndo because it has “electrolytes, you dumb, dog, pony soldiers.” Dr. Fauci would hype electrolytes, whatever they are, and demand that everyone on the planet drink 4 cans of Brawndo a day.

Physician Ronny Jackson, who served as White House doctor during the Obama presidency, recently stated:

Biden doesn’t know what is going on with Ukraine. He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING. He’s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers anymore.

That’s the dude in charge of our nuclear codes.  God help us.  Biden’s cognitive ability maybe impaired but at least the country is safe from Trump’s snarky tweets. Everyday I receive multiple e-mails from Don’s campaign staff asking for my opinions and $$$.  I don’t have $ but I do have plenty of opinions.  Not really sure but Trump may have invited me to Mar-a-Lago for lunch.

Lets go to the gag reel and review Biden’s bloopers since his inauguration:

1.  Abandoned Afghanistan.  Joe pulled all of our troops out of Afghanistan in the middle of the night and forgot to tell anyone.  Joe also forgot to take 84 billion dollars of our sensitive military equipment and left desperate, stranded Americans to fend for themselves.  The optics of Americans begging for help looked really bad so Joe sent 1,000 troops back into harms way.  13 of those brave service members returned to the USA in body bags.

2.  Closed the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Why tap vast American oil resources when you can use taxpayer money to import oil from Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and Mars?

3. Biden “triple dog dared” Putin to invade Ukraine.  Challenge accepted and Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine searching for some maternity wards to destroy.  Under pressure by Peppermint Patty to do something presidential, Biden banned Russian oil imports.  Oops. Biden forgot that we need Russian oil and then remembered that he  moronically crippled his own energy industry.  America was in now in panic mode and  Biden begged our BFFs, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela and Mars  to pretty please pump more oil.  They took a hard pass and collectively told Joe, “Sucks to be you “Mountain Dew.”  Biden is still waiting to hear from the Martians.

4. Gasoline at the pumps hit $6.00 a gallon.  “Mountain Dew” Biden and Peppermint Patty blame, Russia, Trump, Witchcraft, Tic Tok dog videos and Leatherface who recently returned to terrorize Millennials.  Idiocracy.

5. Inflation spikes.  “Mountain Dew” Biden blames Trump, Corn Pop, Jussie Smollett and Scrooge McDuck. Idiocracy.

6. Americans struggle to feed their families because of inflation.  “Mountain Dew” Biden advises whiny citizens that buying a $60,000 electric car is really swell for the environment and their wallets because all electric vehicles run on purple Unicorn farts. Sure.  Everyone has 60K laying around to buy a new car and a long extension cord.  Idiocracy.

7. Biden tasks VP Harris with impossible missions.  Joe sent VP Harris on a fools errand to close the southern border and then laughed behind her back when she failed spectacularly. Over a million illegal aliens took advantage of Biden’s hospitality and now reside somewhere in America. After that fiasco, Biden sent B-team Harris to resolve the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She thought that she was speaking with Big Bird on Sesame Street and eloquently explained the situation:  “Ukraine is a country in Europe….Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically, that’s wrong.”  Idiocracy.

8. A vacancy opens on the Supreme Court.  “Mountain Dew” Biden reviewed paint swatches in the Oval Office to determine what shade of brown he wants for his female appointee. Sexist and Racist.  Idiocracy.

President Camacho (Idocracy) delivered this speech when things in “future” America were dire:

Sh*t.  I know sh*t’s bad right now, with all that starving bullshit and  the dust storms, and we’re running out of French fries and burrito coverings.  But I got a solution. We’ve got this guy and he’s going to fix EVERYTHING.

That guy is Donald Trump.  He needs to complete his quest of draining the fetid DC swamp. Unfortunately, the swamp has refilled since Donald’s departure but slimy creatures remain, including RINOs, lurking beneath the surface.

We will not forgive and never forget their treachery.

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