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Mad Vlad has attacked the Ukraine and continues to kill innocent women and children just because he can.  This is a far cry from the righteous battle waged against the diabolical German juggernaut in WWII.  Russians were bravely defending their country from Hitler’s henchmen who initiated an unprovoked and despicable invasion of the motherland. The German advance stalled at Moscow and a surprise Russian counter-offensive sealed their fate.  Exhusted and frozen German soldiers began a slow retreat home defying Hitler’s orders to die for the Fuhrer.  Hitler fumed in his bunker and refused to admit that the invasion of Russia was a terrible mistake.  The Russian defense of their beloved country was heroic and admired by countries around the world.

Vladimer Putin’s unprovoked attack on the Ukraine is despicable and morally reprehensible.  Many Russian soldiers are understandably ashamed of participating in such a senseless and agressive invasion of their own peaceful neighbor.

However, some Russian soldiers, filled with blood lust, are intentionally butchering innocent civilians.   Ukraine Policeman Oleg Fedko, his partner Irena, their infant son Ivan and their sweet daughter Sofia were fleeing for safety in their car.  The entire family was accosted by Russian soldiers and died in a hail of bullets, begging for mercy.  They were shot multiple times in a gruesome execution. That beautiful family died horrible deaths at the hands of a Russian soldier, not a missile or an errant bomb.  This was up close and personal-deliberate murder.

Vlad’s Stormtroopers were fresh out of mercy in that despicable encounter!

Irena, Ivan and Oleg Fedko

Sweet daugher Sofia 

Innocent families are being butchered to satisfy the lust of a cowardly tyrant hiding in his secret lair in the Ural Mountains.  Vlad is mad that Ukrainians have not capitulated to his threats and instead has awoken a sleeping, peaceful, neighbor and filled it with a terrible resolve. Ukrainians are heroically defendng their country against overwhelming odds and impressing the world with their resolve to remain free-just like Russia did in WWII. Ringing any bells Vlad?

The world is horrified at the carnage Vlad has inflicted on a peaceful neighbor.  President Biden is so upset that he will continue to buy 600,000 barrels a day of Russian crude oil and petroleum products just to keep American gas prices below $8.00 a gallon.  Joe stomped his foot, pointed a finger and said, “Keep that oil flowing Vlad but Hunter and I ain’t happy.”

What are the odds it just happens to be an election year?  Democrats across the board are terrified that their brand has become so toxic under Biden that they may go the way of the Whig Party and be permanently relegated to the dustbin of history.  The wonderful people in the Ukraine aren’t happy that American dollars ($112 a barrel) are supporting the genocide of Ukraine engineered by Vlad the “Bully.”

Biden did talk tough during his recent “weak and forgettable”  State of the Union Address. In a blistering warning, Biden said, “Putin may circle Kiev with tanks, but will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

Putin needs to stop this invasion now.

Vlad is fuming in his  bunker and refusing to admit that the invasion of Ukraine was a mistake. Vlad should be imprisoned for war crimes including the cold blooded murder of the Fedko family.  That family didn’t deserve to be executed and Vlad doesn’t deserve to enjoy one more day of freedom!

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